Social Media Newsfeed: Yahoo User IDs | Twitter Seven-Year Anniversary

By Tim Sohn 

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YahooYahoo Recycles Old User IDs with Help from Facebook (The Verge)
It’s been just over a month since Yahoo announced its plan to reclaim abandoned usernames, and it was met with an immediate outcry over privacy concerns. What if you used your Yahoo email as a password reset? Was Yahoo making life easy for identity thieves? Now, the company’s finally going public with details of how it plans to protect users from data theft. The Next Web As planned, Yahoo Monday announced it has started freeing up Yahoo IDs like that have been inactive for at least 12 months so users like can finally get a useful email address. The company gave users just over a month to log in if they hadn’t in the last year, and now it has launched a “wish list” for those interested in getting a new name. PC Magazine
On the Yahoo Wish List page, anyone can submit up to five desired usernames — in order of preference — as well as a contact email address. “If your first choice isn’t available, we’ll try one of your backups,” Yahoo said in a blog post. “In mid-August, you’ll get an email letting you know which of your picks is available, with link to claim it within 48 hours. And just like that, it’s all yours.” Wired As it was initially described, we were skeptical of Yahoo’s ability to make sure it could prevent old email addresses from being used to hijack the previous owner’s identity. Monday, Yahoo also announced that it’s taking additional steps to try to prevent that with a new email header field it developed with Facebook: Require­-Recipient­-Valid­-Since. Los Angeles Times/Tech Now Yahoo is calling for websites to add a new piece of metadata when they send emails to customers. The added information would be the date that the user connected a third-party account to a Yahoo email address.

Seven Years of Tweeting (GigaOM)
I didn’t even realize it till this [Monday] morning when Twopcharts told me that today [Monday] was my seventh Twitter birthday. (We celebrated another seventh anniversary recently.) Twitter started for me after a chat with Noah Glass, who helped me sign up on my Nokia E61.

Reddit Insight Delivers Analytics on Subreddits, Users and Posts (SocialTimes)
Most analytics tools aren’t designed to measure karma points and upvotes instead of views and clicks, which is why reddit was due for an analytics suite of its own. Using reddit’s API, a five-person team at the San Francisco coding academy Hack Reactor has created such a tool: Reddit Insight.

Activist ‘Twitter Dress’ Tweets Political Messages (CNET)
We’ve seen dresses that tweet before, but never one as political as this one that displays messages on gender equality, racism and overpriced rents. Creative agency Deportivo developed the Internet-connected Twitter Dress as a way to help Sweden’s youth be heard at Almedalen Week, an annual political summit that draws thousands of politicians, lobbyists, celebrities and PR folk to the Swedish island of Gotland.

‘Jobs’ Movie Posts Trailer on Video on Instagram (AllFacebook)
The first movie trailer to appear on video on Instagram is for “Jobs,” the biopic about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs, which stars Ashton Kutcher, CNET reported. CNET described the trailer as “15 seconds worth of dramatic music, slow-motion shots of Ashton Kutcher with a beard, and inspiring dialog about crazy, misfit rebels.”

Uber Adds Fare-Splitting Feature So You Don’t Get Stuck with the Bill (VentureBeat)
Uber released a new feature Monday that makes it dead-simple to split ride fares other people. All you have to do is tap the split fare button and add people to split with.

#prayforLea Trends for More Than 12 Hours as TV World Mourns Death of ‘Glee’ Star Cory Monteith (LostRemote)
This past weekend, Glee star Cory Monteith was found dead in his hotel room. Instantly, the social Web blew up, and celebrities and fans alike came together not only to mourn the loss but to show compassion to his long-time girlfriend and Glee co-star Lea Michele.

Gowalla Co-Founder Josh Williams to Depart Facebook (AllThingsD)
Josh Williams, co-founder of the location-based check-in startup Gowalla (which was “acqu-hired” by Facebook in 2012), plans to soon leave the social giant, according to sources familiar with the situation. Williams hasn’t announced his next moves (or his departure, for that matter), but sources said he plans to stay in San Francisco and work on starting a new company.

Social Customer Service at its Best: Honda Responds to Tweets with Real-Time Vines (AllTwitter)
As part of a new ad campaign to promote Honda’s summer clearance sales event, the auto company is responding to customer tweets with real-time Vine videos. Anyone who tweets to @Honda using the hashtag #wantnewcar, a push encouraging customers to swap their old cars for new Hondas, will get a custom Vine video in response.