Social Media Newsfeed: Tumblr Mobile Promoted Posts | Twitter Ads Deal

By Tim Sohn 

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TumblrTumblr Launches Promoted Posts on Mobile (SocialTimes)
Tumblr will begin delivering promoted posts to its mobile users as well as its desktop users, the company said on Monday. “It works very simply: Every now and then you’ll see posts from our partners as you scroll through your mobile Dashboard,” the company said in a blog post. AdAge Users of Tumblr’s iOS and Android apps will see up to four ads per day, and they’ll be differentiated with a dollar-sign icon with beams shooting out of it, just as they are in the two existing placements. A Tumblr spokesperson said these ads will ultimately migrate to desktop computers but offered no timetable. PC Magazine The service is asking advertisers to pay to promote blog posts they’ve created themselves, like Coca-Cola’s Tumblr-based campaign. Companies can then measure their marketing impact via the volume of republished posts and “heart” responses from viewers. Messages can also be shared via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. VentureBeat The key thing to note here, though, is how Tumblr is presenting the ads: Realizing that the most effective advertisements are those that are hardly distinguishable from the content that surrounds them, Tumblr’s mobile ads look just like Tumblr posts. This means that users can like and share them as if they were regular Tumblr content, which should, in theory, help them spread. CNET Mobile users will see sponsored Tumblr stories that are denoted by the “sponsored” label and a dollar sign icon. An ad for the upcoming Warner Bros. flick “The Great Gatsby”, for instance, features Leonardo DiCaprio in animated GIF form. The text of the content ad reads: “Prepare for the Summer of Gatsby – in theaters May 10,” and encourages viewers to follow the gatsbymovie Tumblr.

Twitter’s Rumored Multi-Million Dollar Deal with Ad-Buying Company Should Worry TV Execs (AllTwitter)
It looks like Twitter is no longer happy playing sidekick in the social TV equation and wants to be the top dog. At least, that’s the way it appears if this multi-million dollar deal becomes a reality. The New York Times Twitter continued its march into the advertising world with the news on Monday that the social media company had signed a deal with one of the largest advertising agencies in the world, the Starcom MediaVest Group, part of Publicis Groupe. The multiyear deal, its value estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of dollars, comes at the beginning of the upfront season, the annual series of meetings where networks introduce their new offerings to advertisers and media buyers. VentureBeat Twitter has been unveiling new advertising products such as demographic targeting tools and keyword targeting options with furious rapidity in the past weeks, as well as Twitter #Music. That seems to indicate the company is focusing on monetization … and, if the Silicon Valley buzz is to be believed, a 2013 IPO.

Netflix to Charge $12 to Make Sharing Your Password a Better Experience (Wired)
In Monday’s first-quarter earnings letter, Netflix announced a $12-a-month plan that doubles the current limit of two simultaneous video streams to four simultaneous feeds plan. Netflix says that the plan best serves large families that have butted up against the two simultaneous-stream limit.

Citizen ‘Journalism’ Ran Amok in Boston Crisis (Reflections of a Newsosaur)
When untrained, undisciplined or even unscrupulous people can say anything that comes to mind – as happened repeatedly during the Boston emergency – they do far more harm than good, especially in the sort of confusing and emotional situation we witnessed last week. In addition to vigorously spreading unfounded rumors and defaming the innocent individuals referenced above, Reddit carried a particularly obnoxious discussion on the night of the Boston shootout about what level the suspects would have attained had they been playing Grand Theft Auto, the ultra-violent videogame.

U.S. House Rejects CISPA Amendment Banning Employers From Asking for Facebook Passwords (AllFacebook)
All over the United States, states are passing legislation banning employers from asking for their employees’ social media login information. However, an amendment to the controversial Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act, which Facebook no longer supports, shunning this practice was shot down by the U.S. House of Representatives.

PSY’s Gentleman Sets New YouTube Record with 38M Views in 24 Hours, Highest in a Single Day Google Confirms (The Next Web)
On April 15, a press release hit the wire declaring that PSY’s new single “Gentleman,” his follow-up to the record-breaking “Gangnam Style” sensation, had amassed “a staggering 22-plus million views in less than a day” meaning that it had “set a new YouTube record for most views in a day.” Google Monday confirmed that PSY’s second creation has indeed set a new record, but that view count was actually 38 million.

Instagram Your Way to the End of World Hunger (AppNewser)
Stats are cruel when it comes to world hunger, but you don’t have to feel bad about it when sharing your food photos on Instagram. Just use FoodShareFilter, the app attaches the words “This picture helps millions of people not to suffer hunger to encourage encourage your followers to join the fight against world hunger.”

Lewd Jokes Flood Twitter as Anthony Weiner Returns (The Daily Dot)
Two years after sharing a photo of his crotch with the world, former congressman Anthony Weiner is back on Twitter. Formerly known as @RepWeiner in the community, Weiner now tweets under the more straightforward @AnthonyWeiner.

Dr. Jill Biden Goes ATwitter (SocialTimes)
In other Twitter news, Dr. Jill Biden, wife of vice president Joe Biden, now has her own Twitter account @DrBiden. The announcement came from that handle Monday morning.