Social Media Newsfeed: Tumblr Analytics | U.N. Twitter Typo

By Tim Sohn 

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Tumblr Analytics Now Available for Enterprise (SocialTimes)
After a months-long private beta, Union Metrics publicly launched its Tumblr analytics service for enterprise users. Union Metrics runs the analytics, who licenses the data from Gnip and has access to all of Tumblr’s “firehose” data. WebProNews “We’ve added full ad-hoc date filtering, so you can drill into any date or date range from your Tracker’s history, and access to lists, so you can view (and sort) the full list of posts, contributors, curators and tags in the Tracker UI,” Union Metrics said in a blog post. “These are the first of many features to come that will make it even easier to pinpoint precisely how and where engagement happens on Tumblr for what ever your tracking.” Mashable Access to Tumblr’s dashboard begins at $500 per month. At that price, customers can create five user accounts to track one topic and 10 blogs. A $999-a-month plan enables tracking of up to 10 topics and 20 blogs. The Next Web The service, which Tumblr itself has dubbed “Tumblr analytics,” but is officially named “Union Metrics for Tumblr,” has been in beta for almost two months and was tested with more than 150 companies. Union Metrics appears to be largely running runs the service on its own, but is a member of Tumblr’s recently launched “A-List Partnership Program,” a group of ad agencies, media agencies, creative agencies, tech providers and theme developers, which Tumblr says will “enable brands to have the best Tumblr experience possible.”

U.N. Twitter Typo Calls for ‘1-State’ Solution (CNN)
Hours before the United Nations General Assembly voted to recognize the Palestinian Authority as a non-member observer state, the official U.N. Twitter account made a very unfortunate one-character typo. “On Day of Solidarity with Palestinians, Ban Ki-moon stresses urgency of reaching 1-state solution,” read the tweet. New York Daily News U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stressed the need for two states – one for the Palestinians, the other for Israelis – to bring peace to that war-torn region. The tweet was taken down, and a corrected tweet was posted, accurately capturing Ki-moon’s statements. Mashable Following a historic United Nations General Assembly vote, which elevated the status of Palestine from “observer” to “non-member observer state,” Palestinians celebrated in the streets, sharing photos to Instagram and Twitter. UN, Palestine, #UNBid, Estado Observador and U.N. General Assembly, among other topics relating to the decision, trended on Twitter.

Leak Suggests RIM is Looking to Take on FaceTime, Google Talk and Skype with BBM Video (The Next Web)
Research In Motion has already announced voice calling will be included in BlackBerry Messenger as of BlackBerry 10, but is that it? A RIM executive hinted to TNW that “something else” is coming to BBM beyond just voice, and we think video chat makes the most sense.

After Soliciting Viewer Feedback on Twitter, WUSA News Director Bans Lindsay Lohan Story (TVSpy)
After the news of another Lindsay Lohan arrest on Thursday, WUSA news director Fred D’Ambrosi decided he wasn’t interested in covering another story about the troubled starlet. He tweeted: I’m thinking about banning all #LindsayLohan stories @wusa9.

Zynga Loosens its Deal with Facebook: No Longer Tied to Facebook Ad Units, Credits or Exclusivity (TechCrunch)
Zynga has filed a document with the SEC outlining new terms in its agreement with Facebook. Overall, it seems that Zynga and Facebook are establishing a little more distance and flexibility in their relationship, with Zynga being treated more like any other Facebook developer.

Facebook to Host Windows 8 Hackathon (AllFacebook)
Facebook loves to run hackathons, where developers have 24 hours to come up with the best application possible. Facebook headquarters will host a hackathon for the Windows 8 platform in Menlo Park, Calif., this weekend.

Britney Spears’ Dog Joins Twitter (AllTwitter)
Here’s one for the “ridiculous” category: Britney Spears just got a new dog … and a Twitter account for it. She adopted a pupppy, Hannah, then tweeted, “I want you all to meet my new little baby girl @hannahspears.”

Worldwide Secret Agents Aren’t So Secret on LinkedIn (The Daily Dot)
At least two agents from the Belgium State Security Agency and five from its Coordinating Body for Threat Analysis have disclosed their identities on LinkedIn. Some shared their official titles; others listed their general location.

Pandora Pleads for Lower Music Royalties at Congressional Hearing (VentureBeat)
Pandora CEO Joseph Kennedy has asked congressional leaders to pass new legislation — the Internet Radio Fairness Act — that lowers music-licensing fees for Internet radio services. Currently, services that stream music over the Internet pay higher licensing fees than traditional broadcast radio, satellite radio and cable TV radio stations.