Social Media Newsfeed: Topsy Twitter Archive | Facebook Hashtags

By Tim Sohn 

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TwitterHow to Use Topsy to Find Your First Tweets (AllTwitter)
Wednesday, social analytics platform Topsy has unveiled a huge upgrade, adding Twitter’s entire history of 425 billion public tweets to its archives, which are available in all Topsy products, including the free tools on What this means is that you can freely and quickly search every public tweet ever written on Topsy, including (but not limited to) your own. The New York Times You can narrow down results by time frame, search for tweets in 10 languages, and see a graph with the volume of tweets over time and an indicator of the general sentiment, positive or negative. “How do you make sense of 400 billion pieces of content?” said Vipul Ved Prakash, Topsy’s co-founder and chief technology officer. “One, by ranking it. We do that ranking by looking at how much a particular piece of content is being cited by other people.” TechCrunch Topsy’s value to social media networks, like Twitter (or potentially others), is about the opportunity of what can be done with the data after collection, like offering detailed stats around the data, similar to what it does now for tweets. Topsy can count how many times a term like “Obama” was ever mentioned on the network, or inform hedge funds how users really feel about the new iPhone. Today “Imagine you were at a library and you were trying to find every book that mentions the word economy,” Jamie deGuerre, Topsy senior vice president of product and marketing, cites as an example. “Now imagine no Dewey Decimal system and no index at the back of each book. The only way to find those mentions would be to read each book at the library to find the word ‘economy’ and rip it out. With this announcement, this is the Dewey Decimal system and the index copied into the library’s computer software, so when you type in any key word or phrase or hashtag or handle, we instantly show you results of everything.” USA Today By entering any athlete’s name into the engine, you can pull up the first recorded tweets including the name, and the results are fantastic. We looked back at the first mentions of some of the biggest athletes and sports personalities in the world, and collected the first tweets from Topsy including full names from normal people (excluding newspapers and media accounts). Here are some of the highlights.

Facebook Hashtags Said to Have Zero Viral Impact (CNET)
On social networks, hashtags are meant to hype exposure for various topics or products. This is probably why Facebook rolled out its new hashtag feature in June. So, how has that gone for the social network? Um, not so good.

U.S. Hospital Rehab Program Treats Internet Addiction (Mashable)
If you cannot live without all-night sessions burrowing through the Wikipedia rabbit hole or the constant influx of content on your Twitter feed, a U.S. hospital is offering some respite — as long as you have $14,000 to spare. Starting next Monday, the voluntary inpatient program at the Bradford Regional Medical Center, in Bradford, Pa., promises to treat those who are addicted to the Internet.

Livestream Launches Roku Channel Bringing More Live Web Content to TV (LostRemote)
Livestream, the popular live-streaming platform has launched its first Roku channel to bring “more than 75,000 live events a month,” from the Web to your television. This is huge for live event producers.

This Tiny Irvine Company Built a Pro Video-Conf Product for Millions — on Top of Google Hangouts (VentureBeat)
Formerly based in Paris, France, the 11-employee Altadyn moved to Irvine several years ago. And CEO Darius Lahoutifard is competing with much more established players using the web’s secret weapon — free. And APIs, of course.

Facebook Breaks Ground on Headquarters Expansion (AllFacebook)
Facebook has broken ground on the West Campus expansion of its headquarters in Menlo Park, Calif., The Almanac reported. It features a long, 433,555-square-foot building with a surface-level parking lot, reaching 73 feet high at some points but mostly about 45 feet high, boasting an open layout, ample breakaway spaces and trees everywhere, including on a rooftop garden covering the entire building.

Apple Will Hold Satellite iPhone Events in Beijing, Berlin and Tokyo (AllThingsD)
On Sept. 10, Apple will hold a special event at its Cupertino, Calif., headquarters, at which it is expected to unveil its next-generation iPhones. And a few hours later, it will hold three more events at a trio of international locations. These satellite launches will be held in Berlin, Tokyo and Beijing, and will feature a video stream or more time-zone-friendly replay of the Cupertino event, along with some other content.

Why No One is Surprised By Facebook, Twitter and Google Spying (SocialTimes)
The news that the top social networks have been spying on their users is … well, it’s not really news, is it? Out of the 50 social networks tested in a recent experiment by High-Tech Bridge, six were found to be trawling links sent in private messages and emails.

BuzzFeed is the Media Industry’s Worst Nightmare — Profitable, Growing and Investing in News (paidContent)
You may know it mostly for its “listicles” about funny-looking cats and dogs, or posts that use animated GIFs from Jurassic Park to explain the Egyptian revolution, but BuzzFeed has much bigger ambitions, according to an internal memo posted at LinkedIn. In the letter (which he posted) founder Jonah Peretti said he wants to build a new-media entity that will rival any of the traditional news organizations that ruled the industry during the last century.