Social Media Newsfeed: Thomson Reuters Twitter Account Hacked | Upset Redditors

By Tim Sohn 

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TwitterThomson Reuters Twitter Account Hacked by Syrian Electronic Army (Mashable)
Thomson Reuters appears to be the latest victim of hacking by the Syrian Electronic Army. The media company’s Twitter account, @ThomsonReuters, tweeted links Monday to images of political cartoons that support Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, along with the hashtag #Syria, according to AllThingsD. VentureBeat For about 45 minutes Monday evening, starting at 6:33 p.m. Eastern time, the Thomson Reuters feed started showing a series of violent and probably quite offensive political cartoons. (Buzzfeed has collected the series. Warning: Not pleasant imagery.) At 7:13 p.m., the account tweeted “Always via Syrian Electronic Army(@Official_SEA12) #SEA #Syria#SyrianElectronicArmy.” Shortly thereafter, Twitter suspended the account. The Wall Street Journal/Digits Thomson Reuters declined to say how its Twitter account was compromised. The spokesman also declined to say whether its Twitter account enabled “two-factor authentication,” an extra layer of protection Twitter began offering in May to ensure that a person who enters a password is the authorized user. NBC News The Syrian Electronic Army has claimed responsibility for a number of hacks, mainly Twitter accounts of press agencies. The Financial Times, Daily Telegraph and Associated Press all had their accounts hijacked and fake or Syrian nationalist content posted. AllThingsD Twitter has been quietly working with media organizations to help them secure their accounts, and has developed something of a rapid-response protocol that allows companies hit with this kind of attack to quickly and temporarily put their accounts on ice until control is regained and, presumably, evidence is gathered to carry out an investigation. The latest attack may indicate a new operational phase by the group, which supports the government of al-Assad in Syria’s 28-month-old civil war.

Redditors Occupy Congressman’s Office to Protest Privacy Vote (The Daily Dot)
A handful of New York City redditors, part of a burgeoning privacy movement, were upset with their congressman for voting to let the government still track their phone calls. So they baked him a cake, then occupied his office. The Verge The action is intended to call out Rep. Gregory Meeks (D-N.Y.) and the more than 200 other members of Congress that voted down an amendment last week aimed at curtailing the NSA’s collection of domestic calling records. The group said they wouldn’t leave until Meeks apologizes for his “no” vote and commits to fighting against surveillance programs that collect data on Americans without a warrant or suspicion of wrongdoing.

Washington State Law Protecting Employees’, Applicants’ Facebook Passwords Takes Effect (AllFacebook)
As of Sunday, employers or potential employers in the state of Washington can no longer demand passwords to Facebook and other social media sites from employees or applicants, as a bill the state passed in May went into effect, reported. Violators are subject to fines of up to $500 and court costs, according to

Twitter Reimagined: Viral Facebook Concept Designer Gives the Blue Bird a Makeover (The Next Web)
Designer Fred Nerby’s conceptual redesign for Facebook went wildly viral earlier this year, and now he’s back with a new look for Twitter. Nerby’s project is centered around interacting with a celebrity on Twitter, specifically Rihanna.

Why Do Digital Marketers Love Foursquare? (SocialTimes)
What do self-identified “digital marketers” know about strategic online marketing that you don’t? As you’ve guessed, Foursquare ranks highly among sharable nuggets — higher than you’d expect, no doubt. (Hint: It beats out Twitter photos and Vines . . . on Twitter!)

Red Sox and Rays Battle on Twitter After Game (USA Today)
After Monday night’s fiercely contested game between the Red Sox and the Rays, a game the Rays won 2-1, the two teams took to social media to duke it out. The Rays struck first, telling the Red Sox that they needed to update their standings in the Green Monster, as the Rays took a half-game lead in the AL East by winning the game.

NFL Player Tarell Brown Loses $2 Million, Fires Agent — All Because of a Tweet (AllTwitter)
In other sports-related social media news, San Francisco 49ers cornerback Tarell Brown got some bad news recently, but not from his coach or agent – from Twitter. The NFL player learned via a tweet from Brian McIntyre, a Yahoo! Sports NFL writer, that he was out $2 million.’s Hilary Mason Joins Accel Partners as Data Scientist in Residence (GigaOM)
Outgoing Bitly chief scientist Hilary Mason will be taking up some of her time for the next year as a data scientist in residence at Accel Partners. Mason is a big name in data science circles and has been a big data adviser to Accel since 2011.

NBC’s ‘Believe’ Writing Team Turns to Twitter to Get Fans Excited (LostRemote)
Our analysis on TV that won’t be premiering until the fall and winter with Crimson Hexagon continues. This week we take a look at NBC’s “Believe“. Here’s a look at why social activity for JJ Abrams new show recently skyrocketed.