Social Media Newsfeed: Secret Pinterest | Pope Tweets

By Tim Sohn 

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Pinterest Introduces Secret Boards (Mashable)
Ever want to pin something on Pinterest, but don’t want the entire world to see what’s catching your eye? At long last, the company introduced on Thursday a new “secret boards” feature which limits visibility to only the creator and any collaborators they may invite. CNET It’s one of the company’s most frequently requested features, Pinterest software engineer Evrhet Milam wrote in a blog post on Thursday. The test is rolling out gradually to all Pinterest users and lets each user create up to three of these secret boards, which can be set up on the Web and on mobile. PC Magazine When pinners receive entry to the world of secret boards, adding one is simple: Visit your profile and scroll down to the bottom, then click “Create a Secret Board.” Also, users can click “Add+” in the top right corner of the Pinterest page, select “Create Board,” and turn the secret button on. BuzzFeed Secret boards are, by definition, probably not very viral. And if users could exclusively use secret boards, I suspect Pinterest’s growth pattern would look a little bit different, because it precludes the possibility that everything is shareable. GigaOM It’s easy to imagine that Pinterest secret boards will have a variety of use cases — pinning photos of potential presents for friends and family, pinning photos of a guilty pleasure (wedding photos when you aren’t engaged, anyone?), collecting photos for your stealth startup, or even pinning photos to a shared secret board for private communication within a group. But the company said it’s rolling them out in time for the holidays, which seems like the most common use case.

Pope to Join Celebs, Presidents with Twitter Feed (USA Today)
The Vatican spokesman said Thursday that Pope Benedict XVI will start tweeting from a personal Twitter account, perhaps before the end of the year. The new Twitter account will be his own, though it’s doubtful Benedict himself will wrestle down his encyclicals, apostolic exhortations and other papal pronouncements into 140-character bites. Los Angeles Times This clearly won’t rival Pope Benedict XVI’s first appearance on the St. Peter’s balcony –- or even his first appearance on Twitter. But it should give him a far more apostolic follower count than his Vatican account (some 28,000 faithful). The Washington Post Details about Benedict’s handle and other information will come when the Vatican officially launches the account, perhaps before the end of the year.

Groupon Reports Lackluster Earnings (SocialTimes)
Groupon brought in $568.6 million in revenue in the third quarter 2012, the company said on Thursday. Although revenue was up 32 percent from the same quarter of last year, it failed to meet analyst expectations, sending the stock tumbling 15 percent in after-hours trading.

Atherton, Calif., Gets $350K from Facebook (AllFacebook)
The town of Atherton, Calif., has an extra $350,000 in its coffers courtesy of Facebook, as a result of the social network’s move to its headquarters in nearby Menlo Park, and concerns over traffic that were expressed by Atherton. Atherton, with a population of about 7,000, is located between Menlo Park and Redwood City.

Facebook Creates New Friendship Pages Designed to Help Show Your Relationships (The Next Web)
Facebook has rolled out a new way for you to look at your friendships. Starting Thursday, if you want to see how you and a friend or family member are connected to each other, you can view a Friendship page that will display posts, photos and events that you both have shared.

You Might Have Gotten an Email From Twitter About Your Account Being Compromised; It’s Real (TechCrunch)
Keep your eyes peeled, Twitter users: Twitter is sending out emails to some of its users telling them it has reset their password and asking them to create a new one. If you can’t log into your account that may be why.

AT&T Backpedals on FaceTime Restrictions (The New York Times/Bits Blog)
AT&T has removed a limitation that prevented some iPad and iPhone owners from making FaceTime video calls over its cellular network, after some public interest organizations said they would complain to the government about the restriction. The new version of Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 6, allows iPad and iPhone owners to make a FaceTime video call over a cellular network.

Your Tweet Becomes A Donation When You #ThankAVet On Nov. 11 (AllTwitter)
Imagine if every tweet sent using the #ThankAVet hashtag on Nov. 11, $1 was donated to help veterans? The History Network just brought your imagination to life. They’ll be donating $1 for every #ThankAVet tweet to America’s VetDogs.

A Lot More People are Using Reddit, and it Needs More Money (WebProNews)
Reddit CEO Yishan Wong is giving users a choice: they can start seeing more ads, or more people can become reddit gold members (or in other words, become a subscribing member). “Our server costs also continue to grow, so we have a choice to make,” said Wong.