Social Media Newsfeed: Oklahoma Tornado Captured on Social Media | It’s Official: Yahoo Buys Tumblr

By Tim Sohn 

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Vine David MasseyVast Oklahoma Tornado Kills at Least 91 (The New York Times)
Emergency crews and volunteers continued to work through the early morning hours Tuesday in a frantic search for survivors of a huge tornado that ripped through parts of Oklahoma City and its suburbs, killing at least 91 people, 20 of them children, and flattening whatever was in its path, including at least two schools. Much of the tornado damage appeared to be in the suburb of Moore, where rescue workers struggled to make their way through debris-clogged streets and around downed power lines to those who are feared trapped under mountains of rubble. USA Today Amy Elliott of the state’s medical examiner’s office said today that officials could see as many as 40 more deaths from Monday’s twister. On May 3, 1999, a record-setting EF-5 tornado obliterated the city of 55,000 with winds measured at 318 mph, the highest ever on the earth’s surface. The storm killed 36 people, injured hundreds and caused about $1 billion in damages. Mashable A Facebook group is helping the victims of the tornado. On its trail of destruction, the tornado has blown debris from houses — including people’s personal belongings and important documents — many miles away. The group asks members to post photos of any items or documents that were blown into their yard, so that they can be returned to the rightful owners. RYOT News One man, David Massey, captured some amazing footage of the damage via Vine after emerging from safety. Here are his videos. The Huffington Post Twitter responded with prayers for the victims and hope for survivors. Here are a few of those prayers so far. Kevin Durant, a three-time scoring champion for the NBA’s Oklahoma City Thunder, posted on his Twitter account that he was praying for everyone involved. He added: “Everybody stay safe!”

Yahoo Confirms Plans to Acquire, But Not ‘Screw Up,’ Tumblr (SocialTimes)
Yahoo has officially announced its plans to acquire Tumblr for $1.1 billion. Much like Facebook’s $1 billion acquisition of Instagram in 2012, Yahoo’s latest purchase will bring the company a younger user base with the promise of more revenue. The Wall Street Journal In an interview Monday, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer said buying Tumblr instantly boosts Yahoo’s user base by 50 percent to 1 billion, and Web traffic by 20 percent, “which is really heartening.” Mayer has said repeatedly that increasing Yahoo’s “impressions,” or the number of Web page views and other interactions on Yahoo’s sites, would be the only way to boost revenue. Business Insider Now that Yahoo has announced its acquisition of Tumblr, Karp could be worth north of $220 million. Even though Karp has found great success without attending college, yet alone finishing traditional high school, he doesn’t recommend kids these days drop out of school. USA Today Tumblr could be the crown jewel in Mayer’s major reclamation project of Yahoo, which is competing with Google and Facebook for billions of dollars in advertising revenue. At a press conference in New York, Yahoo unfurled a revamped version of photo-sharing site Flickr, featuring big, bolder photos and an Android app. The New York Times Yahoo is moving its New York headquarters to the former home of The New York Times, on 43rd Street, east of Eighth Avenue, where it plans to expand. Yahoo is talking to city officials about erecting a large illuminated sign with its name on the cupola at the top of the building, where The Times once had its own sign.

Report: Facebook Testing Video-Sharing Feature (AllFacebook)
In January, Facebook prevented Twitter-owned video-sharing application Vine from accessing its find friends application-programming interface. Now, according to one report, the social network may be testing a video-sharing feature of its own.

AT&T to Open Mobile Video Chat for All Customers (CNET)
AT&T customers should be able to use any mobile video chat app before too much longer. Preloaded video-chat apps will work over AT&T’s cellular network for all customers, regardless of device or data plan, by the end of 2013, according to a statement from AT&T. The Verge Video chat has been a hot-button issue for AT&T, which long blocked iOS users from making FaceTime calls over its network. Last year, that changed, with customers on non-unlimited plans allowed to access it. TechCrunch From the sounds of it, Google won’t have to first “enable” (ask for permission?) in order for Hangouts to work. Even though it’s a pre-loaded app, it will just begin working regardless of the customer’s current data plan.

Busted: Microsoft Intercepts, Decrypts and Reads Your Skype Messages (VentureBeat)
Speaking of video, according to a test by ars technica, Microsoft is intercepting, decrypting and reading at least some Skype messages — to the point where URLs embedded in Skype chat are being visited by machines at IP addresses belonging to Microsoft … most likely a bot, but potentially a human being. “And this can only happen,” ars’ security expert Dan Goodin writes, “if Microsoft can convert the messages into human-readable form at will.”

Couple Suing Twitter to Have Handle Returned to Them (AllTwitter)
A couple in Idaho had a Twitter handle for three years and lost it because a resort going by the same name wanted the handle. According to ABC News, Leonard Barshack and Erin Smith are suing Twitter and Sun Valley Resort to stop the resort from using the @SunValley handle (which it’s using right now).

Voice of San Diego Switches to WordPress — and Adds a Bunch of Other Cool Features (10,000 Words)
Monday, the Voice of San Diego relaunched its website with new software that uses technology to help amplify those goals. It realized that its old CMS was holding them back and relaunched a spiffy new design in a move from which the rest of us in the new industry could surely learn.

Facebook Debuts Share Dialog for iOS Out of Beta, Lets Developers Add Sharing to Apps with One Line of Code (The Next Web)
Facebook on Monday announced the release of its native Share Dialog, which lets iOS developers add sharing capabilities from the social network to their app with just one line of code. The feature is now available in the Facebook SDK for iOS.

Pinterest Delivers Pin Buttons to Other Mobile Apps (SocialTimes)
As part of a flurry of activity, Pinterest Monday announced that it had launched “Pin It” buttons in several popular craft, photo and commerce apps. Etsy, one of the first websites to include “Pin It” buttons on all of its photos, joins the first cohort of mobile apps to get the buttons.