Social Media Newsfeed: Instagram ‘Monetization’ | Yahoo Email

By Tim Sohn 

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InstagramAds Likely Coming to Instagram (SocialTimes)
Facebook is looking to monetize Instagram, said the company’s vice president of global marketing solutions, Carolyn Everson, in an interview with Business Insider. Monetization, in all likelihood, means ads and other forms of sponsored content. BetaBeat Only, Facebook didn’t confirm that ads are coming, so much as the fact that yes, the service eventually needs to start contributing to the bottom line. Click through to read the exchange with Everson. Business Insider Thus far, the photo-sharing app has been ad-free. But ever since Facebook acquired the company, speculation has been rife that the service’s big, broad, relatively uncluttered palette is ripe for sponsored pics and posts. The Next Web Instagram may in fact feature ad spots someday, as Facebook does now, and promoted posts could also be on the way, but there’s something much more likely already in the works. Now that Instagram’s user data is readily available to Facebook, the company can access entirely new data points which tackle a problem it had long struggled with: location.

Yahoo Rolls Out New Email Service (SocialTimes)
CEO Marissa Mayer took to the Yahoo blog Wednesday to announce a substantial update to Yahoo’s popular email service. The update focuses on eliminating “distractions” and allowing users to get through their email workflows faster. USA Today The new version of Yahoo’s webmail rolls out over the next couple of days. Yahoo also updated its email for Windows 8, and perhaps more critically, its Android and iPhone/iPod Touch email apps, since so many of us frequently check our mail on mobile phones and tablets first, and for that matter more often than on any other platform. The email overhaul is part of Mayer’s crusade to give people more reasons to visit the company’s online services and stick around longer. In doing so, Mayer hopes to sell more advertising and accelerate Yahoo’s revenue growth after years of financial malaise.

Flickr Launches Photo Filters Using Same SDK Provider as Twitter (SocialTimes)
Aviary, the company that powers Twitter’s newly released photo filters also powers Flickr’s, which Yahoo launched on Wednesday. “Now, all Flickr users, on web and mobile, can make their photos look amazing with Aviary’s tools, filters and effects,” Aviary boasted on its blog.

Here’s What People Were Tweeting About TV in 2012 (LostRemote)
Among the most tweeted about events of 2012 were the Summer Olympics in London. Twitter partnered with NBC during the games, and while it ensured that the games were at the top of everyone’s feeds, it was not all positive. Other events included the 2012 presidential election (and the TV coverage of the election) as well as the 2012 MTV Video Music Awards.

Foursquare Rolls Out Smarter Venue Pages in Android Update (SocialTimes)
Foursquare released an Android update Wednesday that serves up different versions of a venue’s landing page depending on how the user navigates to the page. The app will come to iPhone “soon,” Foursquare said.

Facebook Aids FBI in Bringing Down International Cyber-Crime Ring (AllFacebook)
Facebook played a part in an operation led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation that resulted in 10 arrests related to an international cyber-criminal network that was believed to have infected some 11 million computers and caused more than $850 million in total losses. Reuters reported that the FBI worked with several international law enforcement agencies and Facebook to bring down “Yahos,” which used the “Butterfly Botnet” to inflict computer users with malware between 2010 and this past October. This enabled the group to steal credit card information, banking information, and other personal data.

Buffer Update Offers New Ways to Maximize Your Tweets (AllTwitter)
The best part about the Buffer update is the analytics, including “top posts.” So beyond seeing how many clicks, retweets, likes and such, you can also see which posts (that you’ve shared via Buffer) are the most popular.

Infographic: Twitter Boosts Fundraising Efforts Nearly 10-Fold (SocialTimes)
Two-thousand-and-twelve was a very good year for social giving, and MDG Advertising has the stats to prove it. In a new infographic, the company takes a look at how social media is transforming the way we give, including gifts, groups and givers engaged in digital donations.

Watch Out Netflix: RedBox Instant Streaming Service is Coming Soon (SocialTimes)
As if there weren’t already enough streaming options out there, between Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, Vudu, HBO Go and even Toys R Us, RedBox has partnered with Verizon to launch a streaming service of its own. Redbox Instant, which has been rumored to be in the works for some time now, is now finally getting under way.