Social Media Newsfeed: Google Storage | Twitter Big Data Buy

By Tim Sohn 

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Google+Google Now Offers 15GB of Shared Storage for Drive, Gmail and Google+ Photos; Apps Customers Get 30GB (The Next Web)
Google on Monday announced a change to how it offers free cloud storage to its users: 15GB will now be shared across Google Drive, Gmail and Google+. Previously, Google offered 10GB for Gmail plus another 5GB for Drive and Google+ Photos. TechCrunch Google Apps customers are getting a bump for Drive and Gmail to the tune of 30GB. This falls in line with what Google has been pushing along with its Chromebook laptops — one huge cloud to manage all of your stuff. Los Angeles Times Google also said that users can check the Google Drive storage Web page to see a visualization of how they are using their storage space. In pie chart form, the page will show users how their storage breaks down between the three services. PC Magazine The change will be rolling out over the next few weeks, Google said. If you still need more space, you can buy an extra 25GB for $2.49 per month or 100GB for $4.99 per month to start — and go all the way up to 16TB for $799.99 per month. The Verge Unfortunately, Google has also done away with one of its storage tiers — previously, users could add 25GB of storage to Drive for $2.49 per month. That option is now gone.

Twitter Continues Big Data Shopping Spree with Lucky Sort Acquisition (SocialTimes)
Twitter has acquired big data company Lucky Sort, the second big data company it has bought in recent weeks. Portland, Ore.-based Lucky Sort built natural language data-mining and visualization tools. GigaOM We all kind of knew that Twitter’s path to making money was paved with data, and the announcement on Monday that it’s buying analytics startup Lucky Sort makes it official. Unless I’m totally misreading the writing on the wall, this move is all about giving advertisers — and anyone, in theory — the tools to learn about what people are talking about. Mashable Lucky Sort was founded two years ago and launched its first product called TopicWatch last February. As part of the acquisition, Lucky Sort will shut down its services in the coming months.

Report: AT&T To Discontinue HTC First, Flagship Phone For Facebook Home (AllFacebook)
Last week, AT&T lowered the price of the HTC First, the first phone to come pre-loaded with Facebook Home, to 99 cents for customers who committed to two-year agreements. Now, BGR is reporting that the device’s poor sales have led AT&T to discontinue the HTC First altogether.

Twitter Going Deeper with ESPN (CNET)
If you like sports highlights but spend more time on social networks than watching TV, Twitter and ESPN are going to do their best to meet your needs. According to The Wall Street Journal, Twitter and ESPN plan to announce today a deepening of their existing relationship, agreeing on a pact under which the leading sports channel will unveil a wide variety of highlight clips in its tweets.

Vines Are Shared 4x More Than Other Videos [Video] (AllTwitter)
Want to make that next video you’re planning to create for your brand “go viral?” Try cutting it down to six seconds – or multiple six-second slots – and using Vine.

Talking Muscle Milk Shake Vin Diesel Thinks Facebook Owes Him ‘Billions of Dollars’ (BetaBeat)
Vin Diesel thinks he’s entitled to a portion of the money that Facebook makes from his page. He told Entertainment Weekly that his page blew up because he connects with his fans in the “realest” of ways and doesn’t let anyone else control or post on his page. He even went to Facebook headquarters to explain his social media ninja magic.

Fox and Twitter Announce Major Social TV Advertising Partnership (LostRemote)
According to Los Angeles Times, “Fox said it would use Twitter to distribute clips of upcoming TV shows, tout highlights of live events or share video after episodes of various shows have aired.” This new partnership is going to allow Fox to tap into Twitter’s ad platform.

Joss Whedon is Alive and on Twitter (The Daily Dot)
Few possibly fake Twitter accounts have burst onto the scene with as much gusto as Joss Whedon’s possibly fake Twitter account. When @JossActual showed up on Twitter Monday morning, it was with a wit and verve that can only be described as, well, Whedonesque.

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