Social Media Newsfeed: Glass to Facebook | Foursquare Windows 8 App

By Tim Sohn 

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Glass to Facebook appFacebook (Unofficially) Lands on Google Glass (AllFacebook)
Although it’s only available to a super-select few, Facebook already has a home on Google Glass. It’s not the official Facebook application, but TechCrunch reports that recently launched photo-sharing app Glass to Facebook uploads photos taken with Google Glass to users’ Facebook accounts. TechCrunch The setup is similar to that of other third-party apps like GlassTweet but requires you to give Facebook permissions to post to your timeline. It only takes a few seconds to get going. Mashable It’s worth noting that there’s currently a security alert on TesseractMobile’s website — the creator of the app — associated with the site’s root certificate. So install at your own risk. SFGate/Business Insider Few people have worn or even seen Google Glass, but early reviews have made businesses and government officials wary. Already, Google Glass has already been banned by a Seattle dive bar and in some Las Vegas casinos.

Foursquare’s New Windows Phone 8 App is Slick, Clean and Exactly What Microsoft Needs (VentureBeat)
The latest update comes from Foursquare, which is updating its Windows 8 app. The app, which Foursquare says is optimized for Nokia’s Lumia phones, adds features like lock screen notifications, voice search and the ability to pin certain people or venues to the home screen. The Next Web The app’s design is also tailored to the Metro UI, with an emphasis on brightly colored squares, crisp text and a rectangular shape for almost every feature selection and tool set. The app is available for all Windows Phone 8 devices, although Foursquare has been shouting from the rooftops about its partnership with Nokia in a blog post. The Verge Interestingly, the partnership with Nokia is more than skin deep, with Foursquare for Windows Phone 8 optimized for the latest crop of Lumia hardware. “Some of the Lumia models even integrate Foursquare data into their augmented reality experience,” the post reads, giving owners of supported handsets a nice bit of immersive (and exclusive) functionality.

White House Steals Twitter’s Legal Director to be New Chief Privacy Officer (AllTwitter)
CNET shares that “President Obama has picked Nicole Wong, Twitter’s legal director, to be the White House’s first chief privacy officer.” Wong doesn’t only have Twitter to brag about; she was previously “a vice president and deputy general counsel at Google at its Mountain View headquarters …”

Syria’s Internet Access is Entirely Blacked Out (The Daily Dot)
Syria, already beset by civil war, Israeli airstrikes and accusations of using chemical weapons against civilians, appeared to be completely without internet access Tuesday. Multiple sources have indicated that the country is either bereft, or nearly so, of all public access.

WhatsApp Roars Through April, With Huge Downloading Success (SocialTimes)
WhatsApp Messenger dominated both major app stores in the number of downloads in April, according to data from Distimo. Made in Mountain View, Calif., WhatsApp Messager offers a cross-platform text messaging that does not rely on SMS technology, thus saving users money in their bills from carriers.

Yahoo’s Mayer Has Met with Hulu Execs in a Preliminary Look-See at Premium Video Unit (AllThingsD)
According to numerous sources close to the situation, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer recently met with top execs at Hulu, the premium video service whose media company owners have been considering selling it for some months. Sources said Yahoo is “in the process,” although the Silicon Valley internet giant has not made any kind of formal bid.

Samsung Acquires Movl to Bring Devices and Smart TVs Closer Together (LostRemote)
Atlanta startup Movl says it’s been acquired by Samsung Electronics for an undisclosed sum. Just two years old, Movl began by creating games that interacted with TV — like “We Draw,” which won Samsung’s top developer award in 2011. Then the startup created a platform for iOS and Android developers to seamlessly integrate their apps with smart TVs, starting with Samsung and Google TV — with more on the way.

Skype Beware, Viber Flies Past 200M Users, Lands on Desktop (CNET)
Add Viber to the list of insanely popular messaging services that have more than 200 million users. The two-year-old mobile messaging and VoIP service, developed by Viber Media, announced the new stat Tuesday, saying that it has 200 million members spread across 193 countries.

YouTube’s ‘Trends’ Page is an Unbelievable Time Suck (BetaBeat)
YouTube has just debuted an entertaining feature on its Trends page: a map where you can see which videos are the most popular by city and region. It is a K-hole without parallel.