Social Media Newsfeed: #GivingTuesday | Baby Hashtag

By Tim Sohn 

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Black Friday, Cyber Monday … Now Giving Tuesday (The Christian Science Monitor/AP)
A national campaign to brand the Tuesday after Thanksgiving as an annual day of giving is a product of the digital age, steeped in social media, with its own Twitter hashtag: #GivingTuesday. The movement’s founding partners include traditional organizations such as the United Way and American Red Cross as well as Microsoft, the online bargain site Groupon, and Mashable, the technology and social media news blog. The Guardian The idea behind Giving Tuesday is that the holiday season is the time to give as well as get. Traditionally, most Americans make their charitable donations at this time of year. Mashable #GivingTuesday trended in the United States and worldwide throughout the day, proving that the Connected Generation is ready to embrace this day celebrating giving back. Mashable asked the community to share photos of how you’re celebrating #GivingTuesday, sharing the organizations and causes you’re supporting. The Washington Post Although it may never approach the hysteria of Black Friday, the event seemed to be attracting buzz. By mid-morning #givingtuesday was a trending topic on Twitter. NPR Giving Tuesday is the brainchild of the 92nd Street Y, a nonprofit cultural and community center in New York. The group has an anonymous donor who will match contributions up to a total of $50,000.

Say Hello to Baby #HashtagJameson: A Little Girl with (Obviously) Twitter-Addicted Parents (AllTwitter)
We told you the history of the hashtag on Tuesday – and now we have a momentous event to add to its chronology: the first baby named Hashtag. A little girl named Hashtag Jameson, to be precise. Her nickname will be #. Jameson came into the world around 10 p.m. on Saturday, weighing eight pounds. One of her parents posted a picture of the newborn on Facebook, with the caption “Hashtag Jameson was born at 10 oclock last night. She weys 8pounds and i luv her so much!!!!!!” The Daily Dot This is not the first time that parents have taken to the social media dictionary to outfit their child’s birth certificate. Last February, a man in Egypt named his son Facebook in an effort to honor the role the website played in igniting the country’s Jan. 25 revolution.

Spotted: Foursquare Notifying Users of Recently Opened Businesses Nearby (SocialTimes)
Foursquare is now alerting users when there are trending newly opened businesses nearby, according to the About Foursquare blog. Users will see notifications under the Friends tab, where their activity feed appears.

New Jersey Journalist Uses Only Facebook to Win Local Election (AllFacebook)
Jim Cook, online editor at the South Jersey Times, launched a last-minute bid to join the Woodstown-Pilesgrove Board of Education election in Pilesgrove Township, N.J., with no money, only 24 hours and relying solely on Facebook posts shared with his friends. This story is evidence that the social network can play a role in even the most local of elections.

Powerball Photo Fever! 5,000 Players Instagram Their Tickets (Mashable)
If you needed a reason not to buy a ticket for Wednesday’s $500 million-plus Powerball lottery, here are a few. In fact, here are 5,000 — roughly, the number of people who have taken pictures of their tickets on the popular photo-sharing service Instagram with the hashtag #powerball.

Google Connects its Play Store with Google+, Public Reviews Will Now Feature Your Name and Picture (The Next Web)
Seeking to improve the quality of reviews on its Play Store, Google has all but removed an element of anonymity and now requires users to post reviews of apps and games using their Google+ account. The new requirement, spotted by Droid Life (via The Verge), can be seen when a user clicks the ‘Write a review’ link on an app on the Play Store, notifying users that reviews are now “Powered by Google+” and that “From now on, reviews you write will be posted publicly using your Google+ name and picture.”

Making Sense of the Cyber Monday Disconnect Between Social Networks and Sales (VentureBeat)
Facebook was either an amazing driver of purchases and traffic over the holiday shopping weekend or a complete non-factor. So which is it? The truth is likely somewhere in the middle, despite data sets that point us toward completely opposite ends of the spectrum.

Social Discovery Platform At The Pool Emerges from Beta with Funding, a Redesign & Users in 50 Countries (TechCrunch)
At The Pool, a Los Angeles-based social discovery network that aims to be the anti-Facebook (and anti-Twitter for that matter), Tuesday announced it has emerged from beta and is in the process of closing a $1 million seed financing round led by Clearstone Venture Partners. As part of its public launch, the startup is also announcing some significant product updates, including a new homepage and redesign, which shift the service’s focus from “The Daily Match” (the startup previously sent users a daily match by email based on location, history, interests and intent) to an action bar that allows users to navigate between activities, updates and notifications.

YouTube Brings its ‘Channels’ — and Vice Media — To Japan (AllThingsD)
Last month, YouTube announced that it was expanding its “channel” strategy beyond the United States by funding video programmers in the United Kingdom, Germany and France. Now add Japan to that list.