Social Media Newsfeed: Foursquare Time Machine | Dictionary Expands Social Media Definitions

By Tim Sohn 

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Foursquare time machineHistory Repeats Itself with Foursquare’s New Time Machine (SocialTimes)
Foursquare has created a Time Machine that sorts through all of your past check-ins and displays them on an interactive map. Much like Foursquare’s Explore button, it will also serve up suggestions for where to go next. Mashable The animation flies you around all those haunts you’ve visited in times past, served up in a lovely 3D effect that you can autoplay to your heart’s content. You can zoom in or out of its map showing all the places you’ve been, checking out each of your check-ins. The interface helpfully provides places Foursquare has recommended for you as well. Wired The map shows that, although I don’t live in San Francisco’s Mission district, I absolutely love the burritos found there. You’ll also be presented with stats on the types of businesses you frequent. Mine has lots of taquerias and pizza joints. You can download and share an infographic showing your Foursquare history, which may or may not be a good idea depending on how often you visit the local bar. TechCrunch Users can also compile and then share their stats as a custom infographic to networks like Facebook and Twitter, which it seems many are excited to do. But all this is really just a front to allow Foursquare to show you (and generate some revenue from) a large Samsung Galaxy S4 ad. AdAge The individualized heat maps are branded with Samsung’s logo for its latest high-end smartphone the Galaxy S4 and features a tab titled “The Next Big Thing” in which users can receive recommendations on places to visit based on where they’ve checked in before. The partnership is worth seven figures for Foursquare, according to an executive familiar with the terms.

Oxford English Dictionary Adds Expanded Definitions of ‘Follow,’ ‘Follower’ And ‘Tweet’ (AllTwitter)
A true sign of the times: the Oxford English Dictionary has expanded its entries for follow (verb), follower (noun), and tweet (noun and verb) to include the social media senses of the words. Fittingly, the OED shared the news with its followers via Twitter.

AP Stylebook Gets Razzed for Google ‘Pus’ Typo (
The Associated Press posted a tweet Thursday morning that included a typo: “AP Style tip: circles: central organizing principle of Google Pus. Users group each other into circles to control who can see their posts.” Reactions on Twitter included “Google Pus sounds pretty nasty” and “Surely a stylebook would be careful about proofreading tweets?”

U.S. Embassy Facebook Video Sparks Anger from Pakistanis (CNET)
A seemingly benign promo video for the U.S. ambassador to Pakistan, which was posted to Facebook on Wednesday, has sparked some angry commenter back-and-forth on the social network. It appears that it’s not necessarily what’s in the video that bothers Pakistanis, but rather the reminder of the U.S. presence in Pakistan at a time when relations between the two countries are clearly strained.

Social Media’s Impact on TV Isn’t That Big, New Study Finds (VentureBeat)
Social media’s impact on television viewing is small compared to traditional marketing and communications, but it has the potential to grow quickly, according to new findings from a study conducted by the Council for Research Excellence. The study, “Talking Social TV,” found that only 12 percent of respondents use social media one or more times a day in relation to TV, a small percentage compared to other forms of communication.

Chrome, Vine, Yahoo Use on the Rise for iOS Users (GigaOM)
Since launching in January on iOS, Vine grew from 1.77 percent of U.S. iPhone users for that month to 10.7 percent in May. And the number of Vine users grew an impressive 39.9 percent from April to May.

Facebook Pulling Plug on Sponsored Results (AllFacebook)
Sponsored results became a casualty of both Facebook’s moves to simplify its advertising offerings and the rollout of its Graph Search feature, as the social network announced Thursday that advertisers will no longer be able to buy sponsored results starting in July, and that they will disappear from users’ search results around mid to late July. Ads on search results pages are still available to advertisers, and Facebook is continuing to work on developing ad formats that take advantage of the functionality of Graph Search.

MySpace Co-Founder’s Games Company Acquires Former Zynga Partner (AllThingsD)
Mobile-social games company SGN, founded by Myspace co-founder Chris DeWolfe, has acquired another independent studio, Mob Science, the companies announced in a press release. Zynga had invested in Mob Science via its Partners program, and published its “Facebook RPG Legends: Rise of a Hero.”

Are the Cable TV Walls About to Crumble? (LostRemote)
In recent days media has been consumed by one Edward Snowden who revealed a Skynet-type infrastructure called Prism that the government is running. At the same time it appears as if traditional cable TV business is gearing up for a “Game of Thrones”-style war with many “kingdoms” that include Intel, Aereo, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, YouTube and more. Are the cable TV walls about to crumble?