Social Media Newsfeed: Foursquare Privacy | ‘Tumblr’ Tops ‘Blog’

By Tim Sohn 

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FoursquareWill Foursquare Dodge User Backlash as it Changes Privacy Policies? (SocialTimes)
Foursquare announced plans over the holiday weekend to change its privacy policies effective at the end of the month, which, while unlikely to cause the kind of brouhaha that Instagram’s proposed changes did, may not take effect without controversy. “As our product evolves, one of the things we do is update our policies to match it. And a big aspect of that is privacy (something we think about a lot),” the company said in an email to users. Wired The mobile check-in service has quietly updated its privacy policy to say the company will share your history of visits with any merchant you check in to, allowing everyone from your local baker to your neighborhood dive bar to your favorite national pharmacy chain to see just how often you’ve been visiting their venue in recent days, months or possibly years. Foursquare’s current privacy policy and an accompanying document allow merchants to see limited information about you if you’ve checked in within the last three hours or if you’re one of their 10 most frequent visitors. SocialTimes The Foursquare hackathon has been rescheduled for Saturday, Jan. 5, at Foursquare headquarters in both New York and San Francisco. According to Foursquare, there are still some seats left. ars technica In other location-based news, Apple may be considering buying social navigation app maker Waze in order to improve the faltering iOS 6 Maps. Rumors of talks between the two companies come just weeks after rumors that Apple may also be working on a deal to acquire or share data with social check-in service Foursquare. TechCrunch Given Waze has raised $67 million, Apple could acquire far better mapping data and a real driving app. Indeed, Waze has started to ape some of Foursquare’s more useful features.

There are Now More Google Searches for ‘Tumblr’ than ‘Blog’ (SocialTimes)
More people are searching for Tumblr on Google than for competing blogging platforms, including WordPress. What’s more, the keyword “tumblr” appears more often in the search box than even the general keyword “blog.” Mashable Tumblr overtook blog in December for the first time since the microblog network was started in February 2007, tweeted Laura Olin, Outbound social media director. According to Google’s search stats, the word “blog” has been on a decline since May 2009, which is around the same time Twitter became the third highest ranked social network according to visits.

Facebook to Release Fourth-Quarter Earnings Jan. 30 (AllFacebook)
It has been an interesting fiscal quarter for Facebook, and in just a few weeks, everyone will know how the company did financially over the past three months. Facebook announced to investors Wednesday that it will hold its fourth-quarter earnings call at 2 p.m. Pacific Time Jan. 30.

Microsoft Says Google Refuses to Support YouTube App for Windows Phone (SocialTimes)
As the FTC continues to mull a lawsuit against Google for anti-competitive practices — with a decision expected as soon as this week — Microsoft Wednesday accused the company of refusing to provide it with full access to YouTube such that it cannot support a fully functional app on its mobile operating system. Microsoft says beginning in 2010 it has spoken to the FTC and the European Commission, which has also pursued antitrust issues with Google, about Google’s refusal to grant it access to YouTube metadata that would allow users accessing the service through an app to search for videos and see ratings, for example.

Guess What the World’s Most Active Twitter City is? (AllTwitter)
It turns out that Jakarta, Indonesia, is the world’s most active Twitter city. It’s a nose ahead of Tokyo, but far and away surpasses the rest of the cities that make up the top 20.

The ‘Fiscal Cliff’ in Animated GIFs (SocialTimes)
If you’ve been wanting to figure out what actually happened with the whole “fiscal cliff” brouhaha but have needed a little sugar to help the medicine go down, The Washington Post recaps the entire debate in animated GIFs and infographics. Starting with the Clinton surplus the Bush tax cuts were designed to, ahem, liberate, The Post lays out the debate over the budget in scenes from Garfield, the Jerry Springer show, Batman and Harry Potter.

Zipcar to Be Acquired by Avis, as Sharing Economy Goes Mainstream (SocialTimes)
Avis rental car company will acquire car-share company Zipcar for $500 million, the companies announced on Wednesday. Zipcar, which went public in April 2011, has been a standard-bearer for the sharing economy fueled by Internet technology, and the announced deal caused Avis to rise up among trending topics on Twitter.

How Old is the Internet? (SocialTimes)
New Year’s Day marked the 30th anniversary of the Internet. To celebrate, Google handed over the keys to the official Google blog to Vint Cerf, who is one of the founding fathers of the internet, to explain how it all went down.

Wrenches, Records and Violins: 11 Amazing 3D Printing Videos (SocialTimes)
3D printers can be used to replicate all sorts of objects, from tools to bicycles and even houses. Wednesday a video of a 3D printed record that actually plays caught our eye and inspired us to put together a list of some of the coolest 3D printing videos on the Web.