Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook’s Sandberg Cashes In | Tweets and Votes

By Tim Sohn 

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FacebookSheryl Sandberg Sells Facebook Stock for $91 Million (Mashable)
Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg raked in $91 million late last week after taking advantage of the social network’s recent stock bump. According to a filing made Friday afternoon with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Sandberg cashed in 2.37 million shares — which is only about 5 percent of her total shares — at prices ranging from $37.79 to $38.78 on Wednesday. CNNMoney Sandberg is using a pre-arranged trading plan, which means she has no control over the specific timing of her sales. Such plans are a common way for top executives to cash in on a portion of their holdings while avoiding accusations of insider trading. USA Today The company took in $1.8 billion in revenue during the second quarter of 2013, $1.6 million of that from advertising. It also saw monthly mobile active users rise 51 percent to 819 million. Miami Herald In other Facebook-related news, after confessing to killing his wife and posting a photo of the corpse on Facebook, an apparent calm Derek Medina walked into South Miami police station to turn himself in, a video released by authorities late Friday shows. In the 23-second surveillance video, Medina’s father can be seen pacing back and forth, his hands deep inside his pockets. AllFacebook Also, while Instagram, owned by Facebook, might be often (and unfairly) better known for food photos, or even as a marketer’s heaven, the social networking and photographing app offers an interesting window into parts of the world you might never otherwise get to see. To kickstart your Instagram travels, we’ve put together a list of ten accounts you should follow to see interesting images from around the world from different viewpoints and more.

Twitter Could Compete with Traditional Polls in Future Elections (The Verge)
According to researchers at Indiana University, the link between tweets and votes in political elections could be stronger than once thought. In a study analyzing 537 million tweets from August 2010 — the largest sample of tweets ever accessible to academic researchers — the percentage of votes for Democratic and Republican candidates in the House of Representatives race correlated with the percentage of tweets that mentioned them.

Social Media Sharing Powers Personalized Dining Recommendations on Gvidi (SocialTimes)
How well do you know the cafes, restaurants and bars in your city? Not as well as Gvidi does. Gvidi, available for iPhone and Android, scans your area for places to dine — and then tailors the search results to suit your tastes.

Tony Abbott Twitter Spike Analysis ‘Shows Dodgy Accounts’ (The Guardian)
Analysis of Tony Abbott’s recent spike in Twitter followers showed accounts involved were definitely “dodgy,” but the Liberal party was not necessarily behind the rise, according to an academic expert in social media. Over the weekend, Abbott’s Twitter following rose markedly to a peak of 192,300, before dropping back to 167,000 on Monday.

KKLD Agency Has Turned This Car into a Real-Time LED Twitter Billboard (AllTwitter)
As part of its Not Normal ad campaign, Mini has partnered with creative agency KKLD to create an LED car that broadcasts tweets, Facebook posts and Vine videos, from random people. The very cool project is roving around London through Aug. 19. If you’re not in the United Kingdom, you can also watch the car in real-time on the company’s Facebook page.

MyFitnessPal, the Popular Weight-Loss App, Gets $18M Boost (VentureBeat)
MyFitnessPal, a company that offers a popular app to help people lose weight, has raised $18 million in a first round of funding. The company was founded in 2005, and has been profitable since then, but has taken no outside cash until now. It boasts more than 40 million registered users, and shows no sign of slowing down.

How and Vizrt are Partnering to Bring Social TV for Broadcasters into the Future (LostRemote)
In a recent episode of HBO’s The Newsroom Charlie Skinner (played by Sam Watson) forces Don Keefer (Thomas Sadoski) to put tweets on the air during a broadcast. As breaking news ensues, Skinner decides to tell them to yank it, essentially since something more important is happening.

The New iPhone(s) Looks Set to Be Revealed on Sept. 10, Here’s What to Expect (The Next Web)
The new iPhone looks set to be revealed in September; and if a report from AllThingsD is to be believed, Sept. 10 is the date to circle. Though we shouldn’t expect significant innovations or improvements until next year, there are still likely to be a number exciting features that should spark your interest.

NBC News Zooms in on Phone Video-Streaming Service (CNET)
NBC News is placing a bet that it can harness live smartphone video to deliver news faster. The news outlet is expected to formally announce today it has purchased startup Stringwire, a move that will allow it to beam user-generated video content from cell phones around the world to its studios in New York.