Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Graph Search | Twitter Direct Message Syncing

By Tim Sohn 

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FacebookThe Wait Ends: Facebook Begins Graph Search Rollout (AllFacebook)
Graph Search, which Facebook began slowly rolling out in beta in January, is ready for the next step, as the social network announced Monday that all users with U.S. English as their selected language will gain access to the feature “in the next few weeks,” telling ABC News “several hundreds of millions of people” will get Graph Search this week. Facebook also announced improvements to Graph Search that it was able to implement as a result of its beta test. Inside Facebook The company has improved privacy controls, so users have better control over what data of theirs is accessible via Graph Search — a major sticking point for many people. Facebook also noted that it has started working on a mobile version of Graph Search, as well as a way for people to search posts and comments. The New York Times/Bits Blog In practice, Graph Search has many limitations. Because Facebook uses so-called structured search technology to scan the boxes and buttons that users fill out on the site, it’s only as good as the boxes checked. For example, when I searched my social network for “friends who like ice cream,” Facebook only returned 12 results. Left out was the silent majority who regularly lick cones and never bothered to tell Facebook. TechCrunch Currently, the on-site search engine aims to make the people, places, photos and other interests posted to Facebook more easily discoverable, but for it to succeed in scraping away a subset of user queries that can be answered using social data — things like restaurant recommendations or new albums to listen to, for example — Graph Search will need to gain access to more data. More importantly, users will need to feel comfortable sharing that data with Facebook — a relationship that may have grown rockier in the wake of the PRISM scandal that revealed a large-scale U.S. National Security Agency spying operation that had ties to Facebook, Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and more. PC Magazine
Some search results can be quite amusing. The Actual Facebook Graph Searches Tumblr includes screenshots from the more bizarre and entertaining Facebook Graph search results, including a query for “mothers of Jews who like bacon” (fewer than 100 people found). The Next Web In related news, Facebook has released an update for its Android app that gives users of its Home launcher access to folders, one of its most requested items. The release of this feature, while may appear to be minor, was announced two months ago at a company Whiteboarding session.

Twitter Will Sync Direct Message Notifications (SocialTimes)
With a set of new updates for mobile apps and its Web service, Twitter Monday began rolling out syncing for direct message notifications. With the updates, once users read a direct message on any device, it will be marked as read on any other device or interface. The Verge There are a few other changes included, as well. There’s a new quick reply area when you click through to a tweet’s details when using the iPhone app; Twitter says it will help facilitate quicker conversations. The Mac app also was updated to include more details under the “connect” tab — now, instead of simply seeing just @ replies, users will see retweets, follows and favorites. VentureBeat Syncing will roll out gradually. How long that will take is unclear.

Pinterest Rival The Fancy Gets $53 Million from Will Smith, American Express; Valued at $600 Million (GigaOM)
The interest in social commerce seems to keep increasing by the day. We all know America’s newest addiction Pinterest is being valued at close to $2 billion and has raised hundreds of millions of dollars. And now the word is that New York-based The Fancy is worth over $600 million.

Stats to Convince Your Boss to Invest in Social Media and Content Marketing [Infographic] (AllTwitter)
Did you know that 87 percent of business-to-business marketers use social media for content marketing? This infographic from Fat Joe proposes a serious of statistics to help you to convince your boss to invest in content marketing.

Jay-Z Breaks Twitter Silence with Candid Rapid-Fire Tweets (Mashable)
Jay-Z’s self-imposed Twitter hiatus didn’t last long. The rapper, whose Magna Carta Holy Grail album debuted this month, returned to the service Monday — despite claiming in mid-June that he had reached his “yearly allotment” of tweets.

Will ABC’s Once Upon A Time Franchise Be a Success? [Infographic] (LostRemote)
For this week’s look at fall TV with Crimson Hexagon we take a dive into one of the season’s most anticipated spinoffs – Once Upon A Time In Wonderland. Initially buzz grew from fans of the show eager to see the spinoff. Now the main buzz is coming more from Alice In Wonderland fans.

YouTube’s 10 Most-Watched Ads in June (Adweek)
Samsung has innovative cross-promotions with musicians down cold. Separate divisions of the company — Samsung Televisions and Samsung Mobile — had the two biggest hits on YouTube and Adweek’s Ads Leaderboard for June, ranking the most-viewed commercials on the video site during the month.

Apple Highlights 5 Years of the App Store for iOS (ReadWrite)
To celebrate five years of the App Store, Apple is giving away some apps for the occasion. Five iOS apps and five games are currently free in the App Store for a limited time.

Why Twitter Finally Killed the ‘Auto Follow’ for Good (TechCrunch)
Fresh on the heels of a spam report that painted Twitter as the network with the largest underground economy for the buying and selling of fake followers, the social network has finally taken steps to crack down on one of the tools often used by those attempting to game its service: the Auto Follow. In Twitter’s parlance, an auto follow refers to an immediate and programmatic means of following another user back after they follow you.