Social Media Newsfeed: Facebook Comments | Google+ Animated GIFS

By Tim Sohn 

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Facebook Rolling Out Replies, Ranked Comments (AllFacebook)
Facebook announced Monday that it will launch new features for its comments section: Replies, which will allow page administrators and users to reply directly to comments, rather than having to post their own comments; and ranked comments, which will move the most engaging comments to the top of comment threads. VentureBeat The order for comments and conversation threads is based on relevance to the reader and might appear differently to each person. For instance, positive feedback and user connections might move the conversation higher. TechCrunch Direct replies will serve a couple of purposes on the social network. For one, it will give those Page and Profile owners more ways to use their pages. For example, they can use them to run Q&A sessions or informal polls about topics or ideas. The Next Web Page administrators will have the chance to opt-in for this new service by going into their admin panel and enabling it through the Manage Permissions section. Currently this update has been automatically turned on for those Pages with more than 10,000 followers, and all Pages should have the feature enabled on July 10. Reuters In related news, regulators approved Nasdaq OMX Group’s $62 million compensation plan for firms that lost money in Facebook’s glitch-ridden market debut, a victory for the exchange operator that also set the stage for potential lawsuits from firms seeking more. The Nasdaq plan will give retail market makers far less than the $500 million in estimated losses from Facebook’s initial public offering.

Google+ Now Lets You Use GIFs for Profile Pics (Mashable)
In what may be a sign of its resurgent popularity, Google+ announced Monday that members can now use animated GIFs for their profile photos. The social network unveiled the update in a post on its Google+ page, alongside a link to a Google search for “How to create a gif.” CNET Expectedly, commenters on the announcement post are either pissed or pleased about the news. A few obligatory “awesome” comments were interspersed between several “this sucks”-like reactions. SocialTimes In related news, the Google+ app for Android got an update Monday that features a redesigned content stream and more ways for users to interact with Communities on the social network. Google launched the Communities feature in December.

Remember Ning? Once-Buzzy Social Network Has Relaunched as a Publishing Platform (GigaOM)
Glam is revamping Ning for the modern social era as a personal blogging platform for brands and people to pull together their existing social media followers in one place. But while the concept itself isn’t a bad idea, it’s definitely a crowded arena for Ning to enter — and the site will be charging users to boot.

Reddit Co-Founder Alexis Ohanian Calls Out ‘Fellow Geeks’ for Ostracizing, Sexist Behavior (The Verge)
Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian has taken to his blog to call out “fellow geeks” — from tech industry employees to Reddit denizens — for the crude responses, death threats and DDOS attacks that occurred after Adria Richards tweeted a picture of several men who made childish, sexual jokes behind her while at a programming convention. “It could have been an opportunity for a lot of important progress,” Ohanian told The Verge.

140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013 According To TIME (AllTwitter)
Humblebragging is in full effect on Twitter, with the release of TIME’s 2013 list of the best Twitter feeds. It’s a curious compilation full of worthwhile folks you’ll want to follow.

The Story of Easter, if Christ Himself Live-Tweeted it (The Daily Dot)
When the events you’re live-tweeting took place 2,000 years ago, there’s only so much you can do. One priest in Devon, England, is tweeting the story of Easter in “real time” through sunrise on Easter Sunday.

Did Mayor Bloomberg Warn Rupert Murdoch to ‘Stop Twittering?’ (Politicker)
At his press conference Monday afternoon, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg was asked about his thoughts on the “Twitter universe” in light of a recent scandal involving an EMS lieutenant who was suspended after the New York Post revealed a series of racist statements he made on the social media site. Bloomberg described it as evidence people need to be far more careful about what they post online and suggested he’d even warned one of his fellow media moguls, Rupert Murdoch, to stay away from Twitter. Gets its Own Video-Sharing App, Climber (SocialTimes)
At the fight to be the dominant video-sharing app, Twitter weighed in heavy with Vine, but signaled its intention to keep fighting Monday with the app Climber, designed for its subscription-based social network. Developers Rob Brambley and Derek Shockey began building the app, Climber, at an hackathon earlier this month in San Francisco.

Digg Wants to Fill the Google Reader-Shaped Hole in Your Heart (ars technica)
Digg revealed details about a forthcoming RSS reader in a blog post on Monday. The service will perform much like Google Reader in that it will aggregate content from various feeds, but Digg said it also hopes to “add value to the sources of information” by integrating services like Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, reddit and LinkedIn.