Social Media Newsfeed: Apple-Facebook Hacking Link | eBay Feed

By Tim Sohn 

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AppleApple Hit By Hackers Who Struck Facebook (The Wall Street Journal)
Apple said Tuesday that some of its employees’ Mac computers were attacked by hackers, a rare admission for a company that has long touted its security over PCs running Windows software. The malicious code in the latest attack is believed to have been the same discovered by Facebook, which said on Friday that its employees’ computers were breached by hackers last month. The Next Web The Facebook hacking a few weeks ago and the Apple hacking announcement have one common thread: an unnamed mobile development site. This site had been frequented by members on the development teams, specifically the iOS development teams, of all of these companies. The site’s name, which has also been exposed in reports by AllThingsD and The New York Times, is iPhoneDevSDK. Reuters Twitter, which disclosed that it had been breached Feb. 1 and that hackers might gave accessed some information on about 250,000 users, was hit in the same campaign, according to a person close to the investigation. Another person briefed on the case said that hundreds of companies, including defense contractors, had been infected with the same malicious software. AllThingsD Ian Sefferman, owner and operator of the site iPhoneDevSDK, has reached out to AllThingsD and provided the following statement: “We’re investigating Facebook’s reports that iPhoneDevSDK was hosting an exploit targeted at Facebook employees. We’re actively ensuring that is not the case. Facebook originally noted that they immediately reached out to other affected companies, but we were never contacted by Facebook, any other company, or law enforcement. Our users’ security is incredibly important to us and we’ll be sure to follow the investigation through to completion.” Bloomberg An Eastern European ring of hackers reportedly are responsible for the Apple, Facebook, and Twitter hackings, and many others, in an effort to steal company secrets, research and intellectual property that they can sell. The origin of the malware attacks was reported by Bloomberg News, which cited as sources two people familiar with the invasions. Investigators tracked at least one server being used by the hacker ring to a hosting company in the Ukraine, Bloomberg said.

Feed Me: eBay Rolls Out New Homepage to All Users (CNET)
E-commerce and payments giant eBay Tuesday officially rolled out its website redesign, the biggest change in its history. Users no longer have the option to use the older design, but eBay says the new site is “more intuitive.” Business Insider The project was led by Jack Abraham, the founder of Milo, a local-shopping startup he sold to eBay in 2010. Abraham and eBay haven’t spoken much about the development of the new homepage—called the “Feed.” Silicon Valley Business Journal The new design focuses on a “highly visual, personalized feed of products based on your interests, and the brands and trends that match their passions and preferences,” according to the report. Tom Pinckney, head of the eBay NYC office, told TechCrunch that users are responding “positively” to the new design, and next up is an international rollout of the design.

Mark Zuckerberg, the State of California Would Like You to Pick Up Your Unclaimed Checks (BetaBeat)
According to the California comptroller, PayPal owes Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg $308.62. The address listed on the form is for 1743 Westbrook Ave. in Los Altos, Calif., the house Zuck and Co. rented while building Facebook. As a struggling entrepreneur in 2004-2005, he probably could’ve used that money.

Bing Pushes Ahead with Search of Facebook Photos (SocialTimes)
Bing is continuing to improve on its specialized search engine for Facebook photos, gussying up the feature’s user interface and supporting a slideshow view. Users who connect their Facebook accounts to Bing can use the Friends’ Photos feature in lieu of fumbling through Facebook to find a particular set of photos.

I Don’t Think You’re Ready for This Celly — Startup Raises $1.4M to Bring Social Networking to Classrooms (VentureBeat)
Social media startup Celly closed a $1.4 million round of funding Tuesday to enhance communication for smaller groups and organizations. Celly allows classrooms, government organizations or other community groups to use a communications platform that cherry picks some of the best elements from Facebook and Twitter.

Facebook Testing Revamped Offers with ‘Remind Me’ Option, New Layout (AllFacebook)
A new version of Offers being tested by Facebook is aimed at giving users more options, such as the choice of redeeming the offers immediately or receiving reminder emails and notifications prior to the expirations of the promotions. Sister blog Inside Facebook reported on the offers test, saying that users who receive offers involved in the test will see the “get offer” button replaced by two buttons: “shop now” and “remind me.”

Mother Furious After Cops Use Facebook to Inform Her of Son’s Death (The Daily Dot)
Anna Lamb-Creasey is furious at the police for contacting her about her son’s death over Facebook. But she should save some of her anger for Facebook, too.

Tweetdeck’s New Column Filters Help You Sort Twitter Noise (AllTwitter)
Ever try to follow a #hashtag chat and get annoyed by certain folks posting irrelevant tweets that muck up the stream? Tweetdeck now offers a way for you to wash that junk right out of your feed, with column filters.

Jeep Twitter Account Hacked, Claims Sale to Cadillac (Mashable)
Jeep’s official Twitter account was hacked Tuesday morning by what appears to be the same group who attacked Burger King on Monday: @DFNTSC. The background on Jeep’s official Twitter page has been changed to some gentleman riding around in a McDonald’s vehicle, and the account’s description claims it has been sold to Cadillac.