Social Media Newsfeed: Apple Announcements | Hillary Clinton Joins Twitter

By Tim Sohn 

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Apple iRadio

From Apple, an Overhaul for Mobile and the Mac (The New York Times)
Apple wants to prove that it has not lost the ability to innovate in a post-Steve Jobs world. The company on Monday introduced a major redesign of iOS, its mobile software system, as well as upgrades for some of its Mac computers. It also unveiled a new online music service for its music player, iTunes, iRadio. CNET The developer beta of iOS 7 has only been out for a little while, and there’s already a slew of videos of it hitting the Web. The software, like other betas from Apple, is bound by a strict nondisclosure agreement that requires developers not to share it with others. ReadWrite LinkedIn got an unexpected boost in the middle of Apple’s two-hour keynote presentation at its Worldwide Developers Conference. In the next version of the Mac OS X operating system, dubbed Mavericks, users of Apple’s Safari browser will be able to see links shared by their LinkedIn connections, as well as the accounts they follow on Twitter. AppNewser As of now, iTunes is the only streaming radio service to secure the rights to Led Zeppelin tunes, and they’ve also managed to include major recording labels like Warner, Universal and Sony. Remember when Google introduced its music streaming service and I lamented about not being able to find Vampire Weekend’s latest album? Well, the iTune Radio demo at WWDC actually featured a song from the new album! I’m smitten. Slate Near the beginning and the end of the keynote address at Apple’s developer conference on Monday, the company showed off a couple of slick corporate branding videos. This isn’t unusual for Apple; every new product comes with a fancy marketing campaign. But to me, these videos seemed to telegraph a new, larger vision for the firm, as ambitious an effort at rebranding as any we’ve seen from the company since the old “Think Different” campaign.

Hillary Clinton Reclaims Her Identity on Twitter (SocialTimes)
For the last year or so, texts from Hillary Clinton were not actually written by the former first lady and secretary of state. Monday, the smartphone-wielding @HillaryClinton was verified, active on Twitter and reclaiming her online identity with the same avatar made famous by the parody Tumblr blog “Texts from Hillary.” USA Today Clinton’s first tweet won’t make any book of famous quotations. “Thanks for the inspiration @ASmith83 & @Sllambe – I’ll take it from here …,” the former secretary of state said in her first foray on the social media site, referring to a pair of supporters who created the Twitter and Tumblr accounts “Texts from Hillary.” ABC News Clinton was greeted with a warm welcome from the Clinton clan. Her first two followers were none other than @BillClinton and @ChelseaClinton.

Two Petitions to Protect Edward Snowden are Gaining Traction (The Daily Dot)
Two online petitions have been started to spare whistleblower Edward Snowden from prosecution after he leaked information from the National Security Agency (NSA) detailing an enigmatic government program called Prism that has allegedly worked with major Internet companies to control the Internet. Snowden is the man at the center of a sprawling government conspiracy that has ensnared tech giants like Facebook, Google and Microsoft.

Nelson Mandela Victim of Another Twitter Death Hoax (AllTwitter)
This weekend, people on Twitter got yet another reminder not to believe what you read on Twitter without confirming with an outside source. Nelson Mandela has become the latest victim of a celebrity death hoax on Twitter, with the network abuzz with the false information that the former South African president had died in his sleep.

Unified Google+ Dashboard Lets Businesses Manage Presence in Search, Social, Maps, AdWords (TechCrunch)
Google Monday launched a new dashboard for businesses and Google+ page owners that will provide them with a single dashboard to manage many of their daily activities around Google’s tools. The new dashboard will, for example, allow businesses to update their info, including their website URLs, store hours and phone numbers, across Google Maps, Search and on Google+ right from the tools Overview tab. Protestors Eye Facebook Annual Meeting (AllFacebook)
Facebook’s annual meeting today at the Westin San Francisco Airport in Millbrae, Calif., will be the target of protestors, but their issues lie more with, the political-advocacy group led by Facebook co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The San Francisco Chronicle’s Politics Blog reported that while presents itself as a group backing immigration reform, the group’s backing of ads touting politicians that support the Keystone XL Pipeline drew the ire of activists, led by 350 from the Bay Area and Keystone Action Council.

Tumblr Has its Very Own Hub for Creepshots (BetaBeat)
Months after the frenzy over Reddit’s r/creepshots, Jezebel has uncovered, which has been around since April 2011. The site’s about page explains: “”What is a ‘CreepShot’ you ask? Easy. Creepshots are candid pictures.

‘Game of Thrones’ Finale Dominates the Second Screen [Infographic] (SocialTimes)
While viewers are glued to “Game of Thrones” on HBO, they’re also glued to the second screen, where fans of the show can discuss the latest plot twist and create fan art for their favorite characters. The finale alone generated 96,825 check-ins, sticker unlocks, replies, votes and other activities on the social TV network GetGlue.

AT&T Ends 20-Month Early Upgrades, Forces Customers to Wait Two Years (ars technica)
AT&T Monday announced that it is bringing push-to-talk capabilities to the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4S for corporate customers, saying it’s “the first time a U.S. carrier is offering push-to-talk capabilities on iPhone.” The push-to-talk capability will work over cellular or Wi-Fi and will be sold as an app directly to business customers.