Social Media Marketing Boot Camp: Early Bird Rate Ends on Sept. 8

By CJ Arlotta 

Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, an online event that features major speakers and small group workshops, begins in 22 days. If you’re looking to register for the early bird rate, your last day to receive this special opportunity is September 8. Interested in learning more about one of the speakers? Meet Robert Scoble.

Robert Scoble is a well-known video blogger who covers technology. He is a cult hero in the digital world and has interviewed more than 3,200 “geeks” about culture-shaping technology.

Scobleizer, Scoble’s blog, came to prominence during his tenure as a technology evangelist at Microsoft. At Microsoft, he was part of the Channel 9 MSDN video team, which created videos to showcase Microsoft products. Not only did Scoble create products for Microsoft, but he also criticized them.

Fast Company, a progressive media brand, picked Scoble up as a video blogger  for their website. He no longer produces videos for Fast Company, but still contributes articles sporadically for their readers.

Along with Scoble’s other roles, he is a co-author of Naked Conversations: How Blogs Are Changing The Way Businesses Talk With Customers with Shel Israel.

“How To Make the Most of Google+,” Scoble’s session at Social Media Marketing Boot Camp, will show participants the latest features of Google+including: group video chatting, group messaging and targeted social circles as an experimentation for your products.

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