Social Media Has Become Cuba's Worst Nightmare

By Bilal Hameed Comment

Che-Guevara Social Media has become one of the worst nightmares for the Cuban regime, according to a new video making rounds across the internet. The 53 minute video is a presentation given by an Internet expert to Cuban Interior Ministry last June. From the video it is clear that Cuban authorities believe that United States is encouraging and organizing the voices of dissent through social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

The Internet expert, whose identity is unknown, discloses to the Cuban authorities that Facebook and Twitter are being used to organize dissent in Cuba, just like the sites were used to carry out mass protests in Ukraine in 2004 and Iran in 2010. He further stated that US is secretly smuggling equipment into Cuba to create secret WiFi locations. Currently internet access and content in Cuba is controlled by the government.

The idea according to the expert is:

To create a technological platform away from control of Cuban authorities that permits the free flow of communication between Cuban citizens selected by (Cuban enemies) and the world.

The expert further stated that US is now financing a network of cyber mercenaries that are not traditional counter-revolutionists. These are young people, who are educated and can have persuasive discourse, and hang around with normal Cuban population.

The answer to all this is to have bloggers of our own. “Being a blogger is not bad. They have their bloggers and we have ours. We’re going to fight to see which of the two turns out stronger,” said the Internet and Social Media expert.

Ukraine in 2004, Iran in 2010, and Tunisia and Egypt in 2011 has proved that the battles for freedom of speech, liberty and social justice will be fought across the battlegrounds of Social Media for times to come.