Social Integration Platform Mass Relevance Announces Major Milestones

By Justin Lafferty 

Mass Relevance, a social integration platform that worked with Facebook and CNN on Election Insights, announced Thursday that it has integrated 25 billion pieces of content into visualizations on TV, billboards, stadium displays, websites, mobile applications, and more.

The 90-person company now serves more than 250 clients. Mass Relevance worked with Facebook and CNN in November to power social coverage of the presidential election. It has also worked with Twitter to create social insights for the Olympic Games, as well as Pepsi and Doritos. Mass Relevance also fuels social experiences on “The X Factor,” “Glee,” “American Idol, ” and “The Voice.” In the past, it also worked with major events such as the Grammy Awards and Super Bowl XLVI.

Mass Relevance Founder and CEO Sam Decker commented on his company’s big news:

We’re very pleased to announce the latest in a series of significant milestones for Mass Relevance. Over the years, we’ve pursued several business and technology innovations in service of our clients: 18 months ago, we became Twitter’s first partner licensed to re-syndicate content for display, partnered with other social platforms, and built the first of it’s kind suite of turnkey social experience products. We’ve curated billions of social conversations and photos into the largest scale TV, brand, and sport experiences. Our innovation continues with several patents pending and plans to double our research-and-development team over the next year.

Mass Relevance also announced that it now has more than 35 social experience products to help brands integrate social media. The company is growing globally as well, planning to open its first international office in London in May.