Social Gaming Goes on a Tear

By Nick O'Neill Comment

One of the most explosive areas of social applications is currently gaming. It’s also garnering a lot of media attention. Just this morning the San Francisco Chronicle wrote an interesting piece on the highly competitve and rapidly evolving space. Just about every leader in the social gaming space is interviewed in the article.

I did a little research myself to see how the gaming space is panning out. Right now Zynga Game Network, lead by Mark Pincus, is leading the pack. They have continued to experience growth on Facebook and now dominate the almost 10 of the top 20 applications on MySpace. This space is still in the infant stage though and naming a winner in the space would be absolutely ridiculous. Every day I receive a new press release from another new gaming platform.

Mytopia is one company trying to conquer the social gaming space. The company’s unique twist is that they are taking all the best components of massively multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs) and integrating those features into their games. Just as many of the other social gaming startups offer, they too offer a messaging platform across all of their games enabling complete communication among your friends no matter what game you are playing.

Shervin Pishevar, CEO of Social Gaming Network, accurately states in today’s chronicle article, “We’re in the Pong stages of social gaming.” There is a lot of innovation that will take place over the coming years and we are going to see a boom in the social gaming player user base. Anybody can participate in social games and that’s the best part. Social gaming will succeed at targeting the same base of users that Nintendo effectively targeted with the launch of the Wii.

Do you have any favorite social games that you play on a regular basis?

Mytopia Screenshot
Mytopia Screenshot

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