Social Curation Summit To Attract Expert Curators And Tastemakers — Tomorrow In New York

By David Cohen 

Social Curation Summit kicks off Tuesday, July 31, in New York! Connect with industry experts and explore how the social graph is transforming at our all-day event. Full-access passes go up $100 at the door, so make sure you register before midnight.

Held at The New Yorker Hotel, the summit is the must-attend event for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge and expertise on the latest content-discovery apps, next-generation storytelling platforms, unique merchandising strategies to boost brand loyalty, and tools to engage with consumers online.

Join us and learn from more than 45 experts in social media, tastemaking, visual design, and online content curation, including:

  • Scott Belsky, CEO, Behance
  • Jason Ford, founder, FeedMagnet
  • Derek Gottfrid, vice president of product, Tumblr
  • Hilary Peterson, VP of business development, Lyst
  • Katrina Craigwell, digital marketing, General Electric
  • Frederic Montagnon, co-founder and chief operating officer, Overblog
  • Steven Rosenbaum, author and CEO, Curation Nation and
  • Shane Rahmani, VP of business development and Strategy, Thrillist Media Group

View the full speaker lineup and program here.

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