Love Your Smartphone? These Accessories Will Make You Love It Even More

By Mary C. Long 

If you’re a smartphone addict (and we know you are), you’re probably always on the lookout for cool apps, but what about cool accessories? You know, things that will help you maximize your smartphone usage and will make your family scream, “enough with the phone!”

Don’t worry, we know you’re too busy sharing posts on multiple platforms to look up from your device, so we’re about to share a few we stumbled upon that we think you’re going to love.

CNet pulled together a post highlighting some pretty snazzy accessories, like:

The Bluetooth-enabled Belkin LiveAction Camera Remote. Want to take pictures and record video without holding your phone? Well, here’s your accessory! It props up your iPhone and offers a 5-10 second time delay, so you’ll have plenty of time to pose.

Or how about Celluon Magic Cube virtual laser keyboard? “The Cube projects a full-sized laser keyboard on a flat surface and connects to any smartphone via Bluetooth.” Check it out:

And finally, the MiLi mobile photo printer. It not only prints your photos, it charges your phone! Don’t you love killing two birds with one piece of hardware?

Do you have any cool accessories to add to this list?

(Man with smartphone image from Shutterstock)