What Can Small Businesses Learn From Big Brands On Facebook?

By Justin Lafferty 

Even if your business doesn’t have the marketing budget of brands such as Taco Bell, Zappos, and Walmart, you can still make an impression on Facebook by studying their tactics for success. Mike Maghsoudi, co-founder of PostRocket, pointed out the things that five brands have done that can be repeated by smaller brands looking to connect with users.

Maghsoudi wrote that pages should find unique ways to connect with their fans. He pointed out that Taco Bell is the best at this, pointing to a post on the company’s page on Election Day:

Maghsoudi wrote that if Taco Bell simply posted a photo of the American flag, it would not have resonated quite as well as this imaginative visual display.

Brands should also take full advantage of the cover photo, finding ways to get users in on the fun, as it’s generally the first thing they see upon visiting the page. Dunkin Donuts has a page application that allows fans to take pictures of them noshing on donuts or sipping coffee. The company then integrates one of these images into its cover photo:

Maghsoudi also notes that brands should respond to comments, holding up Zappos as an example (we wrote earlier that Eat24 does this quite well, too). By engaging fans in a conversation, it encourages them to come back.

It’s OK to use Facebook to get information from users in order to see what they want. Camera company GoPro regularly asks its fans what they’d like to see, Maghsoudi writes:

GoPro does a great job using Facebook to market its products using content created by professional athletes usingits products. In addition, it uses Facebook to gather feedback on what its fans/customers want. For example, see the post below regarding how-to’s. What’s even better is that it rewards its fans who are nice enough to provide feedback with daily giveaways of its awesome products.

Lastly, include a call to action in posts. Fans are more inclined to like, comment, or share if they are motivated to do so. Instead of simply “like if you…” or “comment to tell us what you think,” pages should find innovative ways to gain responses. Maghsoudi included an example from Walmart:

Readers: What other winning tactics have you seen from brands on Facebook?