Skype Releases Version 3.0 for Android Devices

By Devon Glenn 

Skype today released an upgrade to the phone call and messaging service that will make it more compatible with the Android tablets that will soon be flying off the shelves for the holiday season. Here’s what reviewers have to say about version 3.0:

Android Community: “Overall the new user interface looks beautiful and is easy to work with on tablets. They’ve also introduced an option to sign in and merge your Skype account with your Microsoft account — since they bought Skype — for those interested in that feature.”

Engadget: “Skype has also updated the app with its latest SILK audio codecs, attuned specifically for human speech and — more importantly — varying internet speeds. After some initial ‘robot voice’ while connecting, we soon had no issues with several international video calls through WiFi.”

SlashGear: “However, we noticed that the new Skype update on the Nexus 7 is landscape only, and the camera is portrait style, meaning that the camera doesn’t use up as much of the screen as it could. Definitely a bummer indeed, but the update still brings a lot of new design tweaks to Android tablets, and we can’t complain too much about it.”

The new version of the app is optimized for Android tablets including the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2, the Google Nexus 7, Acer Iconia, Asus Transformer Prime, Motorola Xoom and Sony S and is available for download on Google Play.