Make Funny Faces With Skype Humoticons Facebook App

By David Cohen 

Integration with Skype has provided several useful features for Facebook users, but the Internet telephony application’s new Facebook app, Skype Humoticons, is not one of them.

Skype Humoticons encourages Skype and Facebook users to mimic the expressions seen in Skype emoticons, and then take pictures of their efforts and post them in the app’s gallery or their Facebook walls.

Those who really feel like making funny faces can take five different pictures and create an animated Humoticon, which can be downloaded and shared, including via Skype instant messaging.

Skype wrote in a post on its blog:

As part of Skype‘s new “It’s Time for Skype” marketing campaign about putting humanity back into how we communicate with others each and every day, we have pledged to make the Web a little more human. Given the popularity of the Skype emoticons as a way of sharing your emotions with each other, we’ve developed and introduced a new Facebook app to put a more human spin on these and help you share your gestures and expressions with the world: Skype Humoticons.

Sarah Perez of TechCrunch said it best: “Ugh, it’s like they taught the marketing department how to code over there.”

Readers: What type of face did you make when reading about Skype Humoticons?