Sky TV Goes Online and Mobile for all 10 Million Customers at No Extra Charge

By Kenna McHugh Comment

“The explosion of smartphones and tablets demonstrates the increasing consumer demand for accessing entertainment and communicating on the move,” commented Stephen van Rooyen, Deputy MD of Sky’s Customer Group. “We have already responded to this by offering a range of services, including live TV, across many new innovative platforms and devices, like laptops and iPhones.”

What Sky TV is doing for its customer base is phenomenal. Starting in August at no extra charge, all Sky TV customers will have the opportunity to watch Sky channels and programs on PCs, laptops, mobiles and tablets, including the iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac.

The huge launch brings together two existing services such as Sky Player, Sky’s online TV service, and Sky Mobile TV, the UK’s largest mobile TV service. These services will be rebranded as Sky Go. That means customers will be able watch live linear channels in line with their subscription while on the move in the UK and Ireland. Each Sky home will be entitled to register up to two devices, through which they can enjoy access to live channels and selected on-demand content.

Just in time for tennis, football, baseball and tour de France, on mobile and tablet devices, customers will be able to access all five Sky Sports channels, ESPN and Sky News. Even more channels will be offered in the future.

The availability of online product doesn’t stop. On laptops and computers customers will be able to access more than 30 live channels, including all five Sky Sports channels, Sky Movies, Sky News, Sky 1, Sky Atlantic, Sky Arts, MTV, Disney, G.O.L.D, Nickelodeon, NatGeo, History, Eden and ESPN, supported by an extensive library of on-demand content.

Sky Go will be available from August to non-Sky TV customers with monthly subscriptions. Sky will also remain available on Xbox and Fetch TV, but will rebrand simply as Sky (currently Sky Player).

In time, Sky Go will be supported by Sky’s acquisition earlier this year of The Cloud, a leading public Wi-Fi network that offers wireless access in over 4,500 public locations, across coffee shops, hotels, restaurants, public transport hubs and other public spaces. Out-of-home Wi-Fi will support a higher quality experience for online services including Sky Go and other high bandwidth services and applications. Fuller details on the roll out of network, including timings, will be announced in due course.

“Clearly the consumer appetite is there, and it’s growing. In responding to that, and to create even more value, choice and flexibility for our customers, we are now going to offer online and mobile access to Sky content at no extra charge. The future support of a nationwide Wi-Fi network will help us supercharge that experience further still,” adds van Rooyan.