Silicon Valley Ridicule Tumblr Takes Off

By Cameron Scott 

tumblr, blogging, social media, social networks, tech industry, silicon valleyIf public ridicule memes suggest that the sun may soon set on a tech boom, it may be time to sell your stocks.

A Tumblr called Jesus Christ, Silicon Valley, is gaining attention after appearing in late March to offer a scathing critique of the oft-attacked Dave Morin. Morin made the mistake of describing “custom-designed, one-of-a-kind bespoke app” he had built so he and his assistant could, ahem, “collaborate.”

The blog’s general theme is that movers-and-shakers in Silicon Valley think of themselves as walking on water. Its logo is Jesus in a black hoodie.

JCSV is not loving caricature: Its anonymous author offers a ruthless textual analysis of most of the norms of Silicon Valley. Valley insiders can, at times, forget that anyone outside their ranks has ever done anything innovative. They can also forget that owning a Tesla or keeping a spare iPhone is, for most people, a luxury they can’t afford. Sometimes one wonders if insiders understand that app-update fatigue is a first-world problem if it counts as a problem at all.

The blog is not suitable for work, or for those with a strong dislike of any common profane insult. But here’s a (lightly edited) sample, where the author takes on Quora:

No one wants to beat up on it because it’s so sensitive and theoretically erudite and its parents are rich. But everyone knows it’s going to end up dead in an alley in a few years, after its folks finally give up on it and its friends ditch it for being so desperate and whiningly overzealous all the time.

With the current tech boom about five years in and 25-year-old entrepreneurs writing federal laws, one begins to wonder when the other shoe will drop this time and what will be the hubristic overstep that triggers it.

Another round of funding for Quora? A currency custom-made for the technorati? Vanity Fair offering tech coverage? Or perhaps it’s right in front of our eyes: Google Glass.