Facebook Page Builder ShortStack Keeps Growing

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook page builder ShortStack is becoming more popular. The company announced Wednesday that it grew by more than 100,000 customers in 2012 and experienced revenue growth of 546 percent.

ShortStack is a self-service application design tool (and it also produced a couple of infographics recently to help Facebook page administrators). The company announced some major milestones Wednesday, including the fact that pages and apps designed by ShortStack have reached more than 900 million Facebook fans.

Jim Belosic, the company’s CEO, talked about ShortStack’s growth in a press release:

Our platform has been going strong for two years now, and we’re grateful for our growth and support from our users. Our goal is to keep making ShortStack better, while adding even more business tools to our offerings. I’m super-excited for 2013. We’re working on taking the best parts of the platform and making them better and easier to use. An improved user interface, along with some awesome new features, will be a nice thank you to all of our users.

ShortStack also noted that it has expanded its user base to more than 180 countries and has gone from 200 million to 900 million fans served by its Facebook apps. The platform also created more than 400,000 Facebook apps in 2012.

Readers: Have you ever used ShortStack?