Shoppers Are Talking About eBay and iPhones on Twitter

By Devon Glenn 

More Twitter users are talking about eBay than Walmart, according to the latest data from HootSuite.

This month, HootSuite is offering the public a glimpse into the minds of holiday shoppers through its 2012 Holiday Tracker: a social media dashboard that pulls keywords and hashtags from Twitter to uncover holiday-themed trends.

In terms of buzz, eBay ranked second among retailers — behind Amazon, but ahead of Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy — with more than 103,500 mentions.

Best known as an auction site, eBay recently underwent a major transformation to display its product listings (which are largely new items now), as big images that are easy to browse and share on social networks, including Twitter.

In the past, the company has used live Twitter chats on topics ranging from Mother’s Day to the Toyota Grand Prix to draw more consumers to the site.

eBay sellers should also note that in terms of devices, shoppers are talking about the iPhone the most (499,380 mentions), followed by the Samsung Galaxy and the Windows Phone. They’re also discussing the iPad (205,394 mentions) more than the Kindle Fire or the Google Nexus.