Facebook Marketers, Start Your Engines: ShopIgniter’s Igniter 4.0 Aimed At Conversions

By David Cohen 

Social media marketing outfit ShopIgniter hopes to ignite more return on investment from Facebook and other social networks for brands and retailers with the launch of the latest version of its flagship product, Igniter 4.0.

The goal of Igniter 4.0 is to enable brands and retailers to focus on “repeatable” customers by engaging them with rich posts, voting, commenting, curating, and sharing of content. The four components of its product suite are:

  • Promoter: A rich product posting tool that allows brands to create highly engaging posts for Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest, including albums and rich-media in-stream posts for Facebook.

  • Studio: A campaign-management tool set that enables marketers to create and publish social product experiences — including spotlights, showcases, and storefronts — in the form of Web applications on Facebook’s timeline for pages, as well as microsites on the Web and mobile Web.

  • Converter: A tool set for managing permissions from Facebook, the collection of email addresses, offer presentations, loyalty opt-ins, shopping carts, and wish lists, with the goal of driving “ready-to-buy” customers to ecommerce sites and their checkout pages.
  • Analyzer: An end-to-end analytics tool for tracking reach, engagement, amplification, referrals, and conversion across multiple social networks.

ShopIgniter Chief Marketing Officer Kevin Tate said in an interview with AllFacebook:

Expecting shoppers to be walking around Facebook with their wallets open was a little optimistic. There was a much more immediate opportunity for brands and retailers to build up engagement with their product on social — building engagement amplification products through social channels, and then leading those customers to conversions.

Most of the retailers and brands we’re talking to have put products directly in their Facebook posts and had users click directly to the product page on their ecommerce sites, and they had really low conversion rates. There’s no connective tissue. Lead customers down a primrose path, and let them explore further.

Most were disappointed with their initial posting experience, and they were looking for new answers.

And CEO Matt Compton said in a release announcing the launch:

Igniter 4.0 gives brands and retailers the recipe and ingredients to create social product experiences that close the gap between discovery and purchase decision. Over the past 15 years, digital marketers have built a Web presence optimized around the conversion of clearly declared consumer purchase intent. This worked well for traditional search traffic, but now, the majority of online engagement occurs in social channels. Marketers need a new set of tools and online assets to guide that social-mobile customer from simple awareness to product discovery and purchase intent. Igniter 4.0 is the only social media marketing suite built specifically for the new social path to purchase.