Shark + Tornado = ‘Sharknado’

By Devon Glenn 

It’s not rocket science, people. “Sharknado,” the “Twister”-meets-“Jaws”-meets-“Magnolia” TV movie that Syfy aired on Thursday night, was engineered to make you want to watch it without caring whether it’s good. Take a natural disaster, one of the world’s most dangerous predators, unleash them both on Los Angeles, and the movie doesn’t have to be anything other than an hour or so of sharks falling from the sky. Even if it didn’t star 90’s icon Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, it would still be the best thing to happen to cable television since “Shark Week.” Now that people have actually seen the movie, “Sharknado” has its own Rebel Mouse front page to catch all of the reviews, interviews, and social media reactions to it. So far, so good.

This trailer alone sent waves of ecstasy across Twitter:

Ian Ziering battling a shark with a chainsaw made for an excellent GIF.

Some enterprising Tweeters shamelessly jumped on the merchandising opportunity.


The guy who directed the movie is beside himself.

And the Hollywood Reporter is contributing fun facts that will need to be updated on “Sharknado’s” Wikipedia entry immediately.

Just keep this in mind: