Interactive Facebook Video Plugs Upcoming Release Of Resident Evil 6

By David Cohen 

The 3.8 million-plus Facebook users who like the Resident Evil page can now access Shared Nightmare, an interactive video created by Capcom, developer of the iconic gaming franchise, and digital marketing and communications agency Crush, to promote the Oct. 2 release of Resident Evil 6.

Shared Nightmare is a Facebook application that allows users to share their “last moments alive amongst the devastation of the game’s global ‘C-Virus,’” personalized by including their friends, including the ability to send them a final message in the middle of the video.

The campaign to promote Resident Evil 6 began this summer with interactive tweet map C-Virus World Map, where Twitter users warned their followers about the “infection spreading.”

C-Virus World Map was followed by:

  • Last Goodbye, which allowed Facebook users to send their final farewells to loved ones.
  • Last Gift, in which users revealed what their final dream gifts would be, with Capcom actually fulfilling some of those wishes.
  • Last Song, in which fans left their final songs, sourced from global music-sourcing tool

Capcom Head of Digital Marketing Angelique Schierz-Crusius said:

At Capcom, we are always looking for new and exciting ways to connect with our audiences. Capcom and Crush have a great synergy, and we hope to have created a digital campaign that grows excitement amongst the core Resident Evil fan base about the forthcoming title, as well as reaching out to and engaging with new audiences.

And Crush Account Director Jez Hughes added:

Resident Evil 6 has been a fantastic campaign to see through this year. I believe we’ve captured the imagination of fans across the world though multiple-device, responsive, localized, and narrative-driven activations, which had social at the heart. Importantly, fans have been given something they can be involved in, whether they choose to take part or just browse. We owe it to the 15-year heritage of Resident Evil to invest and deliver above just the “game experience,” and extend the narrative in to new, exciting digital dimensions for fans to enjoy.

Readers: Have you ever played any of the titles in the Resident Evil franchise?