Club 53: A New Place To Hang On Facebook

By Julie D. Andrews 

There’s a hot new venue in town (er, on Facebook) — at least, those launching it are hoping it sizzles on the social network. Called Club 53, it’s a virtual music venue from San Francisco- and Israel-based Shaker, a company founded in 2010 that “brings real world interactions online.”

In collaboration with BandPage, a social application built to help musicians share their sounds, Shaker will host a series of events, the first of which occurs Friday at 7:53 (how clever) PT.

At Club 53, Facebook users can adopt virtual limbs to dance with, to stand and chat with, to buy drinks with, well, to do just about anything you’d do at a real music spot, “just like in real life” (well, not exactly, but you get the point).

At the June 8 debut, Far East Movement band members will mingle with fans in the club. In the future, Club 53 will host indie, local, and household musicians, including Mayday Parade, Escape the Fate, and Daniel Bedingfield.

Anyone who is 18 or older (however will they police this?) with a Facebook account can enter the club by accessing the app or going to

Shaker Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer Yonatan Maor said:

Different atmospheres inspire different types of interaction — the way you act, talk, even move in a coffee shop, for example, is not how you are in a nightclub. We’ve dedicated ourselves to being experts in creating atmospheres so that we can bring the ease and simplicity of offline communications to online interactions. We think what has been missing from socialization online is a true sense of place, where people can naturally meet, hang out, and connect — an experience that cannot be found anywhere else on the Web.

Readers: Is this something you’d check out via your computer screen, or would rather just get out and shake that booty in real space?