Serendip’s IOS App Connects Facebook Users To Friends Through Music

By Justin Lafferty 

Hitting a bit of a musical rut and looking for some new tunes? Turn to your Facebook friends for inspiration. Social music service Serendip announced Wednesday an iOS application for those looking for new songs to listen to when they’re away from the computer. Serendip takes suggestions from content shared by Facebook friends and Twitter followers and gives users recommendations on what’s new and popular.

Serendip works with Facebook in many ways. Once Facebook users connect with Serendip, the app scans the favorite artists on their Facebook profiles to learn more about their musical tastes. When Facebook users subscribe to pages such as radio stations and artists, the songs shared on those pages are added to their Serendip playlists. Additionally, if they like songs that artists have posted to their Facebook pages, those songs will also be added to theirr Serendip playlists.

Serendip was founded in 2011 as a website, but it has grown to launch an app available for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It allows users to essentially like and share their friends’ favorite songs by offering “Rock Ons” and “ReAirs.”

Sagee Ben-Zedeff, Serendip’s co-founder and CEO, described the service in a press release:

Everyone loves listening to music, but enjoying a lean-back radio-like experience that isn’t lame is pretty much impossible. And I am not even mentioning discovery. That’s why we created Serendip – to give users a ready-made playlist, but one that’s interesting and constantly updated. Our “magic sauce” is the music friends we match you with, which will be the ones making up your playlist, in a way that no algorithm can.

Readers: Do you use Facebook to discover new music?

Images courtesy of Serendip.