UPDATED: Mistaken Identity On Facebook Strikes New Mexico Teen

By Justin Lafferty 

Selena Gomez, an 18-year-old woman from New Mexico, knows she’s not the pop star with the same name. Facebook, on the other hand, thinks she’s an impersonator and has disabled her account (it has since been reactivated). It’s yet another case of mistaken identity on Facebook — a growing problem with regard to social media.

TMZ first reported Monday that Selena Miranda Gomez recently tried to access her Facebook account, but was met with this screen:

Gomez of New Mexico told TMZ that she has never tried to emulate Justin Bieber‘s girlfriend, and even had her middle name on her Facebook account to avoid any confusion:

I did not have one single famous friend. I did not refer to myself as [the famous Selena], and I did not have any pictures of her on my page!

According to TMZ, Gomez has reached out to Facebook in an effort to get her page back. As of Monday afternoon, Gomez now has her account back, according to CNET. A Facebook spokesperson issued this statement to CNET:

We were able to reactivate the account in less than 24 hours after mistakenly disabling the profile. We apologize for any inconvenience.

The celebrity Selena Gomez is quite popular on Facebook, with nearly 33 million likes on her page.

Readers: If you have a famous name, has someone ever messaged you or added you on Facebook thinking you’re a star?

Image courtesy of Selena Gomez’s Facebook page.