‘Women’ Competes For Most Facebook Mentions Follows Bruising Presidential Debate

By Jennifer Moire 

While the phrase “binders full of women” took off on Facebook Tuesday night during the second presidential debate in Long Island, N.Y., there was another fight brewing on the social network over dueling search term mentions, with Romney, Obama, and women garnering the top three spots, according to data posted on the U.S. Politics on Facebook page.

Facebook-CNN Election Insights reveals that more than one-half of the U.S. is buzzing about Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Facebook, although chatter about President Barack Obama is ahead by more than 330,000 mentions. Females ages 24-34 are buzzing the most about Obama on Facebook, while males ages 24-34 are talking the most about Romney. Romney was mentioned 12.8 percent more than Obama throughout the debate.

Facebook buzz about Romney surged at around 10 p.m. ET — at the peak of his debate with Obama. Buzz about Obama peaked higher a short time later.  After the debate, Romney chatter was hovering at around 1.7 million, while Obama chatter was around 1.8 million.

These are the top 20 debate-related mentions on Facebook:

  1. Romney
  2. Obama
  3. Women
  4. Candy Crowley
  5. Jobs
  6. Bush
  7. China
  8. Libya
  9. Economy
  10. Energy
  11. Oil
  12. Trillion
  13. Sit Down
  14. Coal
  15. Immigration/Immigrants
  16. Big Bird
  17. 47 percent
  18. Benghazi
  19. Fast And Furious
  20. Planned Parenthood

Following the debate, each of the candidates took to Facebook with competing messages.  Obama’s team wrote: “Team Obama had a big win tonight — and it’s because the president has the right plan to move us forward.” Romney’s team countered: “We don’t have to settle. America needs a new path to a real recovery.”

Readers: Did you post anything to Facebook following the second presidential debate from Hofstra University Tuesday night?

Fists image courtesy of Shutterstock.