Seattle’s Search Marketing Expo Insights

By Christie Barakat 

seattle's search marketing expoThis month’s Search Marketing Expo (SMX) in Seattle focused on new advertising initiatives by huge tech platforms like Facebook and Google and the exponential growth of mobile.

iCrossing’s VP of media strategy Reid Spice offered up the following three takeaways from the event:

1. Social still offers huge potential for marketers: Despite one recent report that social media has little influence on consumer buying behavior, Spice says “social is here to stay” offering “critical opportunities for brands” and “must-buy media options.”

Combining their already prolific reach (1.2 billion users on Facebook, 215 million users on Twitter) with emerging retargeting capabilities, this equals big potential for companies. Other social platforms, such as Pinterest and Instagram, have recently made headlines by rolling out bold advertising initiatives. Social media networks, especially Facebook, are taking advantage of the wealth of information they have about their users, and making it available to marketers in very impactful ways.

2. Cross-device attribution has overtaken cross-channel discussions: While Apple, Microsoft and Google have had “marginal” success in solving the “cross-device puzzle,” Facebook’s tracking capabilities based on the requirement that users are logged into the platform on each device in order to access the network gives it a “sizable advantage.”

“Combine that with its unbelievable reach, and you can understand how Facebook is an integral part of today’s media mix. This is an important step toward actual attribution, which we have not yet achieved, but is something worth talking about.”

3. Consistent, engaging and well-crafted content is what gives companies a competitive edge. Spice points to these insights by SMX contributors:

  • Develop a content calendar that corresponds to industry or social events, prioritizing timely content that will get more attention (Purna Virji)

  • It used to be about developing the most content, but now it’s about developing the best content as search engines target low-quality content to be downgraded (Kairay Media)

  • The best way to create content is to start with one idea, then repurpose it across several formats (blog to white paper, video to gif, etc.). Don’t be shy, if you have good content, make sure it lives everywhere (Chris Bennett)

  • Interactive marketing apps are the future of good content. Not iOS or Android apps, but HTML5 JavaScript Mobile-friendly apps (Chris Bennett)

iCrossing was named one of the top social media marketing companies by for the month of June 2014. Spice’s Cross-Device Attribution report was released at the SMX event. See his post here.