Facebook SDK 3.0 For Android Is Out Of Beta

By David Cohen 

Facebook’s Thursday blitz of mobile announcements for both the iOS and Android platforms continued with news that software development kit Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android is now out of beta.

The social network said in a post on its developer blog that the beta version of the SDK had been downloaded more than 80,000 times in six weeks, and it went on to describe the new features in the release:

  • Native Facebook login: Users can now authorize permissions without leaving applications, making the login experience faster and seamless.
  • Friend picker: Users can tag friends in open graph actions or find other users who have installed the apps they are using.
  • Places picker: Nearby places with customizable locations are displayed for users.
  • Profile picture control: Profile pictures are displayed for Facebook objects including users, places, and things.
  • Easier session management: Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android adds several tools that make authentication and authorization easier, including a login button and fragment, which manage users’ login state automatically.
  • More support for Facebook’s application-programming interface: Strongly typed callbacks and built-in helpers were added for operations such as posting photos, and the SDK now supports batch API calls, which speeds up apps’ performance.
  • Mobile install measurement: Developers can measure clicks and installs for mobile app install ads.

Facebook added that Facebook SDK 3.0 for Android is backwards-compatible for all apps that have integrated SDK 2.0 or higher, and developers have until June 13 to upgrade to SDK 3.0, after which there will be no more support for SDK 2.0 issues.