Facebook Updates Mobile Platform For Android Developers: SDK 3.0 Beta

By Justin Lafferty 

Facebook said that it is focused on Android, and the site Thursday launched one of its biggest updates for developers of mobile applications: Facebook SDK 3.0 Beta for Android. The updates to the SDK program make it easier for developers to create engaging experiences for  Android users.

Facebook announced SDK 3.0 for Android in a post on the site’s developer blog. This update for Android comes about two months after the social network released Facebook SDK 3.0 for iOS out of beta.

This update has new native user interface controls, including several pre-build fragments and views for common tasks. Through friend picker, users can tag friends in an open graph action or find other people who installed a developer’s app. Places picker shows nearby places with customizable locations. Profile picture control shows the profile picture for any Facebook object. Login controls simplify how apps manage user identity and permissions.

Facebook SDK 3.0 also has several tools that simplify authentication and authorization. Login state is saved by default. Developers can create sessions that support low-memory scenarios.

This update also includes better Facebook application programming interface support, as developers can batch requests for Facebook API calls, which means faster access times for parallel API requests. Facebook JavaScript Object Notification data can be manipulated with strongly typed interfaces in order to cut back on coding errors and make it easier to read and write to Facebook.

Developers, though SDK 3.0, can measure clicks and installs for mobile app install ads, as well. The site also launched a developer’s center, specifically for those who make apps for Android devices:

Readers: If you create Facebook apps for Android users, are you pleased with this update?