Facebook VOD Platform Screenburn Announces Angel Investment, Board Additions

By David Cohen 

ScreenburnMcCartney650London-based Screenburn Media, which launched its Screenburn Facebook video-on-demand platform in December 2012, announced that it has secured $500,000 in angel investment and bolstered its board of directors.

Screenburn is a white-label VOD application for Facebook pages that allows content owners to market directly to their fan bases, and it counts Paul McCartney, The Rolling Stones, LCD Soundsystem, and The Libertines among artists that have released VOD selections via its app.

The funding round was led by Andrew Weisz of Lean Investments, and Tom Singh also participated, as did Michael Blakey and Simon Blakey from Avonmore Investments.

Screenburn’s new board members are Zodiak Rights CEO and former BBC Worldwide Sales Chief Steve Macallister, and Arts Alliance Media CEO Howard Kiedaisch.

Screenburn Director and Founder Tom Raffe said in a release announcing the funding:

Content owners may already have thousands or even millions of fans on Facebook. The app works very well to monetize this existing audience.

The app also takes full advantage of Facebook’s sharing functionality to find new fans and increase distribution to a nationwide or worldwide audience. This funding is a great qualification of our business model and plans for this year.

Our momentum has continued to build, and we’re already looking to bring some great releases to Facebook this year from some high-profile musical artists, as well as sport and TV series.

Having the collective support of a tremendously experienced board behind us is incredibly validating, and we’re very excited for the year ahead.

Macallister added:

There’s no question that much of the future of long-form video content lies with digital streaming. Screenburn is exciting because it offers content owners an opportunity to reach out to people already engaged with a brand or a particular release online. In an age where physical releases are seeing a downward turn, finding additional revenue streams is now a real priority for many companies looking to promote content.

And Kiedaisch said:

Screenburn already has an established track record, and it was exciting to see the team working with some great content owners from major record labels to independent film distributors. I’m looking forward to working with them as the company continues to mature and build on its existing portfolio of work.