Screampix to Terrorize YouTube with the First Paid Horror Channel

By Devon Glenn 

YouTube’s first paid subscription channel to focus exclusively on the horror genre, SCREAMPIX must be written in all caps because the collection of full-length movies the channel contains is so terrifying that it has to be kept behind a paywall for safety.

The channel is one example of what paid channels can offer viewers that a free channel can’t, as these movies will run in their entirety with no commercials and the channel itself contains a good browsing tool with reviews, descriptions, and suggestions of movies to watch, some of which can be purchased separately for download.

Just as Netflix invents highly specific categories like “dark mind game thrillers” and “scary suspenseful supernatural movies,” SCREAMPIX will curate subgenres of horror films like “Students Making Bad Decisions,” “Zombiepalooza,” “Tiny Little Killers,” “This Doesn’t Smell Very Good,” and “Women on a Rampage.”

In addition to curating the best videos, head of programming Ray Cannella will interview horror directors and creators and take viewers behind the scenes of their favorite movies. Canella joins the channel from SyFy and Chiller Channel’s original programming team.

“I make no excuse for my love of horror movies,”  said Cannella in a statement. “I can’t wait to share my passion about the qualities, history and relevance of the movies. But even more, I’m LITERALLY DYING to interact with horror fans around the world!”

Fans will also be able to curate the videos with user-suggested “shelves.”

“We are grateful to YouTube for the opportunity to provide SCREAMPIX with a platform that extends to a billion unique users per month,” said co-founder Kearie Peak, whose past credits include Electric Entertainment and Solar Pictures, where she was co-CEO and head of production.

The basic package is $2.99 per month, with a current base of 100 movies and new ones added every week. Peak added, “We are in the earliest stages of our launch and we look forward to executing our ambitious growth plans.”

UPDATE:  Added Screampix co-founder Daniel March, “We intend to feature horror films from nearly every time period and in every genre.  What we ultimately want to do is provide our subscribers with the movies they want to see. So if ‘70s supernatural horror films are what you want to see, just let us know!”