Brands On Facebook Can Scoop Up User-Generated Photos Via Scoopr

By David Cohen 

Scoopr650With more brands turning to user-generated content, and photos historically delivering strong engagement for brands, new platform Scoopr Media is aimed at helping brands on both of those fronts.

Scoopr posts assignments on its Web application, spurring users to create photos that meet the requirements of those assignments, and those branded images are then shared across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Google Plus.

Brands can then license and store images that are suitable for their marketing efforts, and analytics on user engagement across all of those social networks is tracked by Scoopr’s software-as-a-service. Scoopr users are rewarded by those brands in the form of money or special offers.

Scoopr said brands have access to 100 gigabytes to 300 GB of cloud-based storage for their photos.

Readers: Do you feel passionate enough about any brands to become a brand advocate for them via a platform like Scoopr?