How To Schedule YouTube Videos To Post At A Later Date Or Time

By Megan O'Neill 

Do you upload your videos to YouTube in advance and keep them private so you can log in to publish them later?  Those days are over.  This summer, YouTube has quietly rolled out a new scheduling feature to all YouTubers that have at least one monetized video.

Scheduling has been available to YouTube Partners for a while now, but since YouTube opened up their partner program to everyone they’ve been rolling out partner features (like monetization) to everyone with an account in good standing.  While the super exciting perks like custom thumbnails and branded channel designs still haven’t been released to everyone quite yet, scheduling (with improvements) recently went live to all.

So how does the scheduling feature work?  Basically, when you upload a new video you’ll have the option to choose your Privacy settings right off the bat.  You can select from Public, Unlisted, Private or Scheduled.  Choose ‘Scheduled’ when you choose your clip and then you can edit the date and time you want your video to go live in the Basic Info settings while your video uploads.  Use the screenshots below as a guide.

In addition to rolling out scheduling to all users with at least one monetized video, YouTube has also made some improvements to scheduled publishing.  There used to be issues with the date and time listed on scheduled videos.  When the video went live, even if it was days after upload, it would still have the upload date and this could screw with views, feed position and more.  Now, the date on the video will be the same as the date that the video goes live.  YouTube Product Manager Vladimir Vuskovic explains on the YouTube Creator blog that, “The video will be sent to subscribers and appear chronologically throughout the site at the scheduled publish time, not upload time.”

Have you had the opportunity to try out YouTube’s video scheduling feature yet?  If so, we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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