Save Your Facebook Favorites With Memonic

By Meredith Singer Comment

With Facebook’s ever-changing news feed, sometimes it can be frustrating trying to remember where you saw funny status updates and wall post filled with juicy gossip.

Swiss startup Memonic developed a way to save your favorite Facebook photos, status, and wall posts forever in one handy spot.

Here’s how it works: Download the Firefox Facebook extension by clicking here. That takes just a few minutes, and after restarting your browser, you’ll see immediate changes to Facebook. Once you log in, next to wall posts and photos you’ll now see a “save” button following after “like” and “comment” buttons.

Then, to the right of the search bar at the top of Facebook you’ll now see a “saved items” tab. Click on it and you’ll have access to all those witty wall posts, status updates, and photos that will remain archived unless the owner deletes the content.

It doesn’t just work with Facebook – Memonic allows you to save links from any of your favorite websites. But this service works a bit different from AddThis. That particular application allows users to easily swap content and add a share button on their website or blog, but doesn’t let you store all the data you want saved.

I like that Memonic’s features blend in so smoothly with the Facebook interface, and the application is so easy to use. After testing applications I usually disable them when I’m finished writing a post, but I think I’ll leave this one up.

What about you? Do you think this Facebook extension is useful?