Facebook Gives Developers Easy Access To Settings

By David Cohen 

Facebook moved a couple of settings around for easier access by developers, announcing that its sandbox mode, which allows developers to test their applications, was moved from the advanced section to the basic section, and its canvas height and canvas width fields were similarly moved from the advanced section to the app on Facebook part of the basic section.

The social network also announced that open graph object titles are no longer necessary.

More details follow from a post on the Facebook developer blog:

This week we are moving sandbox mode from the advanced section into the basic section. Sandbox mode allows developers to restrict access to their apps to users that have been entered in the roles section and is a great way to develop and test your app before releasing it to the public.

In addition, we are moving the canvas height and canvas width fields from advanced into the app on Facebook section in basic, allowing developers to easily configure their required settings.

We’re introducing title-less objects to give you greater control over how open graph stories appear on Facebook. With title-less objects, you can choose to reference objects either by title or object type.

Previously, all objects required a title. However, some objects don’t have meaningful titles. For example, most people don’t title each photo they upload. In the past, developers solved this by setting arbitrary and redundant titles for these objects, such as “a recent photo,” and stories would be rendered as follows:

With title-less objects, you can simply leave the title blank. Stories then use the name of the object type when rendered: