A Facebook Contest From Sallie Mae?

By David Cohen 

A Facebook contest from Sallie Mae? The financial services company, which focuses on education, doesn’t quite fit the profile of brands that engage in such actions, but the It Pays to Repay sweepstakes on its Facebook page, is living proof.

It Pays to Repay invites Facebook users who are Sallie Mae clients and who have made six or more on-time loan payments to enter a random drawing for the chance to win $25,000 toward paying off their Sallie Mae-serviced student loans.

Sallie Mae said federal and private education loan customers in repayment, including those making required payments while in school, are eligible to enter, and Vice President Patricia Nash Christel added:

Sallie Mae celebrates the millions of students and college graduates who regularly make on-time student-loan payments. We invite our customers to enter to win and share practical tips for others who want to join them on the path to financial success.

Readers: What was the most surprising brand you have seen host a contest or sweepstakes on Facebook?