Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn Hidden Features (Infographic)

By David Cohen Comment


Social networks like Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn are increasingly complex, and Salesforce uncovered some of their hidden features.

For example, did you know that it was possible to:

  • Mute Twitter accounts, rather than unfollowing them?
  • Review your “other” messages on Facebook?
  • Share your Google+ Circles with other users?
  • Send messages on LinkedIn to users you are not connected with?

Salesforce said in a blog post introducing its infographic:

The longer a platform exists, the more user-friendly it becomes through modifications, updates and increased capabilities—at least, that’s the idea. Luckily that’s been the case for people who use some of the most popular social media sites. As Facebook, Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn add users and get more feedback, they add features to keep their users happy.

Readers: Did Salesforce miss any obvious ones?


Image courtesy of Shutterstock.