Launches Salesforce Communities: A Facebook for Business

By Devon Glenn 

The transformation is complete. Moments after acquiring Buddy Media, Salesforce has announced the launch of Salesforce Communities, a private social network for businesses and their clients.

Communities will combine the homey atmosphere of Facebook with Buddy’s social analytics tools and Salesforce’s cloud computing services. The new site will include:

  • Profiles
  • Real-time feeds
  • Trending topics
  • Recommendations
  • Influence measurement
  • Business information and processes from Salesforce

“Salesforce Communities will enable companies to build stronger, more valuable relationships with customers, partners and employees through custom communities – designed to address and support specific business needs,” said Mary Wardley, vice president, CRM and Enterprise Applications, IDC in a statement. “When delivered within the context of the business process of Salesforce, Communities has the potential to facilitate strategic collaboration across enterprises and with customers and partners above the capabilities of online peer communities, which have the tendency to be either entirely conversational or entirely transactional.”

It sounds like more of a Facebook for business than either LinkedIn or Google+. Where LinkedIn facilitates hiring and networking, and Google+ socializes productivity tools, Communities will allow people who already work together to collaborate more easily, much like Facebook is a place for people who are already friends in real life to keep in touch.

The network is set to launch privately in fall 2012 and will be open to the general public in the second half of 2013.

Image by jumpe via Shutterstock.